Brotherhood of the Spirit—Introduction

In this two-part series, I will dis­cuss the con­fu­sions, ques­tions and doubts that arose in my guru-disciple rela­tion­ship with Sid­dhar Thiru­moolar and Maha­vatar Babaji, and their sub­se­quent res­o­lu­tion, in hopes that it will help you resolve your own con­fu­sions and inter­nal con­flicts when it comes to your rela­tion­ship with your teacher. Hope­fully, this will trig­ger a con­tem­pla­tion within you to fig­ure out, if your own rela­tion­ship to your teacher is based whether on equal­ity, mutual love and respect, or on fear, cling­ing and syco­phan­tic behav­ior. None of the lat­ter three leave room for mutual love and respect. […]

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Two Paths to Effortless Spiritual and Material Life

Based on our cho­sen model of cre­ation we can define two approaches to spir­i­tu­al­ity and life–(1) A Bottom-Up approach and (2) A Top-Down approach. The names, “top-down” and “bottom-up” are cho­sen based on the fre­quency or vibra­tory lev­els dis­cussed in our model and they have noth­ing to do with their col­lo­quial usage. Both approaches take you to the same state of wit­ness con­scious­ness, but it is very nec­es­sary that you under­stand them, so that you don’t get con­fused and conflicted. […]

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Doing By Being

Doing By Being

How can you do by being? What does it mean by being? Being sounds like just sit and do noth­ing. Is it being lazy? What is it? Doing by being is the most help­ful in any cre­ative endeavor. “Cre­ation” by def­i­n­i­tion means “to make or bring to exis­tence some­thing new; some­thing unprece­dented.” But, fears arise, because mind can only cope with things that already known. When encoun­tered with some­thing new, it goes into a panic mode. In some peo­ple it is more sti­fling than in others. […]

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What is Enlightenment?

What is EnlightenmentEnlight­en­ment is, a state of Being, noth­ing eso­teric, our true nature, wherein you are free from con­strict­ing men­tal con­cepts that cre­ate attach­ments to thoughts that bind you to the objec­tive world. To be lib­er­ated from the men­tally cre­ated emo­tional attach­ments and live a life of uncon­di­tional love and one­ness with every­thing, is enlightenment. […]

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Why Understanding Religious Symbology is the Key to Your Spiritual Progress

Thumbnail of Flower and Fruit Offering

Have you ever con­tem­plated the deeper mean­ing of rit­u­als and rit­ual offer­ings in your reli­gious and spir­i­tual tra­di­tions? Do you under­stand how the sym­bols in your exter­nal rit­u­als relate to the inner depths of your spirit? If not, it is time for you to do so. This arti­cle, though cen­tered around some of the Hindu Sym­bol­ogy, may pro­vide you the needed impe­tus to delve into deeper mean­ing of the exter­nal rit­u­als you per­form in your own reli­gious and spir­i­tual traditions. […]

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A Higher Dimensional Perspective on Earth Changes

Earth from Space

All the infor­ma­tion we have about earth changes is from a three dimen­sional phys­i­cal (3D) per­spec­tive. In this arti­cle, I give a dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive from a spir­i­tual angle. Why do we think that we can save the planet? Can we really save the planet? Who is actu­ally in peril? What can we do? Can the envi­ron­men­tal move­ments work? […]

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Why Enlightenment?

Self-Mastery, Enlightenment, and Ascension

Why should you go for enlight­en­ment? Should you even go for enlight­en­ment? Enlight­en­ment is only the first step in our evo­lu­tion. It is not the evo­lu­tion that sci­en­tists talk about—one species mutat­ing into another. It is the evo­lu­tion of human con­scious­ness to become its source. It is part of our jour­ney whether we want it or not. It is inevitable. Enlight­en­ment is noth­ing eso­teric as you are made to believe. It is only one of the steps in self-discovery. It fol­lows a very sci­en­tific process. […]

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How I Contacted Siddhar Thirumoolar

Siddhar Thirumoolar

In Feb­ru­ary 2005, I took ini­ti­a­tion into Level-1 of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga and in April 2005, into Level-2. In Level-2, we were given a list of names of sid­dhas (mean­ing, “per­fected beings”) and deities—all are infi­nite intelligences—and we were told the qual­i­ties of each intel­li­gence. We were asked to choose based on what res­onated with us and what qual­i­ties we wanted to invoke within our­selves, at that time. […]

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A Note of Thanks and Answers to Questions raised in “What India May Have for the Law of Attraction”

Thank You Note

I just received a sur­prise ping­back from Akemi Gaines’ blog Grat­i­tude Magic from the arti­cle, What India May Have for the Law of Attrac­tion.

In that arti­cle, she dis­cusses two of my arti­cles, Self-Mastery and Enlight­en­ment Demys­ti­fied and Ways to Attract Abun­dance and What­ever You Want into Your Life, in some detail. I am very grate­ful to her for her dis­cus­sion of my arti­cles on her blog. I would like to rec­i­p­ro­cate that link love here. While dis­cussing my arti­cle, she asks the fol­low­ing ques­tion: […] Con­tinue read­ing