Fasting for Health and Healing (Series): Day 2

As you know I started the Lemonade Fast on June 18, 2007. This is my report for Day-2, June 19. I slept very well the night before. The day started off quite well. As the day progressed, I developed severe headache. However, that headache was not continuous. It would be there for a while, then go away or subside significantly for a while and then come back. The aches were localized to different parts of the head at different times. I have been quite sensitive to whatever went on in my body for a few years now. So, I could sense some flow throughout my body. Headaches became very severe by 6 pm. They completely went away by 9 pm, so I slept well. I had a total of 10 glasses of the lemonade. Besides the headaches, my energy level was good and was able to handle work stress quite well.

DISCLAIMER: Before you embark on any fasting of any kind, first consult your physician and do it under strict supervision. In this article I discuss my experiment and experiences from it. If you fast after reading this article, you do it at your own risk.