Approaching Spirituality

Many people wrote in the comments to the article, How I Contacted Siddhar Thirumoolar, as well as in emails that they were looking for experiences similar to what I described in that article. One of the reader’s had a serious discomfort, after practicing the mantra on that page without guidance. Read the “update” on that article for further details. I am posting this here as a separate article for the benefit of those that may not know I posted an update to that article.

When it comes to spiritual techniques one size does not fit all. Not all techniques are for everybody. If you really want, try a technique for short periods of time (like, 5 minutes per day) for about three days. If the technique is not pleasant and give you joy, but causes distress, then the technique is not for you.

Please also note that if you are chanting mantra or doing a technique with an intention of having a particular spiritual experience, then that desire may be coming from ego which could cause physical and mental distress. You need to approach any technique with humility and surrender to the divine and let the divine give you whatever experience you need to grow.

Bhakthi or Surrender to the Divine is important. May be your first practice should be just that — Surrender to your favorite form of the divine. If you need to do a specific technique, you will be guided to it and you will not feel the conflicts created by ego at that point. This was the case with me.

Listen to your inner longing (this is not the ego’s desire to have an experience and feel good). Just because someone else is doing it or someone had some experience and you want to reproduce that experience, is the wrong approach. Having spiritual experiences is not the goal. Experiences occur on their own accord depending on what each person needs to learn and gain wisdom. You can derive inspiration from others experiences, but not try to replicate them.

Develop Self-love and Self-acceptance. When you develop these two, things will appear to you as needed for your evolution and you will not face any issues with your practice. With Self-love and Self-acceptance, you will also gain the wisdom of love and acceptance for others.

Be gentle with yourself. Treat your body/mind temple as you would treat a temple you visit — with love and devotion. If you are feeling uncomfortable and sick, then body is telling you to just stop. No guilt needed. Just stop.