Ways to Attract Abundance and Whatever You Want into Your Life

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Abundance means different things to different people. For one it may be money, for another it may be health. I define abundance as having all material enjoyments—health, money, cars—in a balanced, detached way, having a grounding that does not make you greedy and selfish and helps you evolve and work for the greater good.

In my earlier article, Ask, and Ye Shall Receive, I discussed what you should do when you were faced with a life situation that needed to be changed. It may be a work situation that needed a change—may be you were not recognized for your contributions. Therein, I also said that you had a few choices—namely, (1) you change the situation you are in, (2) move to a new job, or (3) drop the resistance completely and stay back, if you loved the work so much that you would do it for free. All of these choices are of course easier said than done. I concluded the article asking you, “Are you master of your own life?”

In this article, I will be talking about ways we can change our own situations through introspection, abundance meditation, and mantra (sacred syllables) techniques to harness the power of sound and thought to become the masters of our own lives and create our own destiny.

Your reality is your own projection

It has been said in the Hindu thought, “You project your own reality,” and “As inside, so outside.” What does this mean? Have you ever noticed people who are unhappy in their own lives talk of all the unhappiness that is in the world? Have you ever noticed an enthusiastic and cheerful person talk of only happiness in the world? Better yet, he or she talking of making the world better than it already is? Isn’t that amazing that different people see the same manifest world in different ways. It is the state of their mind and being that they are projecting outward on to the world.

Let me tell you a story from the great Indian epic of mahAbhArata (See sanskrit transliteration scheme). Princes yudhishTira (the eldest of the five pAnDava brothers) and duryOdhana (the eldest of the hundred kaurava brothers) were both disciples of guru drONAcArya. Prince yudhishTira was very virtuous, pious and adhered to dharma even if it meant that he would loose his life. Prince duryOdhana was an embodiment of jealousy, selfishness, cruelty, etc., and was always jealous of his cousins pAnDavAs. Once their guru called them both. He asked each one of them separately. What do you see in this world? How do you describe it? Prince yudhishTira said, “The world is a place of piety and spirituality. I see great sages walking this planet. Parents loving and nourishing their children, brothers and sisters loving and supporting one another. Husbands and wives being faithful to each other. Wherever I see dharma is flourishing.” Then, came Prince duryOdhanA‘s turn. He said, “This world is a cruel place. Brothers backstabbing brothers. Husbands and wives cheating on each other. Parents ignoring their children. Wherever I see there is only adharma (lack of dharma).” This clearly portrays that we project our own views and state of mind on to the external world—”As inside, so outside.”

Through introspection and meditation, we can find out what is limiting or stopping us from achieving our goals. Once we find out what we want we can apply the techniques discussed in this article to manifest them.

Thought and its manifestations

Every thought we have creates the reality for us, if not tangible, at least subtle. Every limiting thought that we have limits the possibilities. Ancient yOgi‘s and modern physicists, alike, have found that at the lowest level this universe is made up of possibilities or potentialities and that observing chooses an outcome.

What is thought? Thought is vibrational energy. It has a material component—aural (sound), ocular (visual), olfactory (smell) and/or tactile (touch)—and a subtle component. When a thought occurs, we hear it, see it, smell it, and/or feel the touch in our heads as if it is happening before our eyes. If we didn’t know that it was a thought, we might as well have assumed it was really happening. The subtle component induces feelings of joy, happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, etc. Scientists are now realizing that the mind cannot distinguish between the happenings outside from those inside 🙂

In Hindu Views on Creationism and Evolution, I briefly discussed the manifestation of thought. It is the Hindu view that the whole of this creation is a dream of the cosmic mind and that we are living in thought-sphere and that consciousness itself is expressing itself through the creation. So, we are co-creators in what the consciousness is creating through us. As co-creators can we manifest what we want? Are we, without our conscious choice, currently manifesting what we don’t want?

If we carefully observe our life situations we can come to a conclusion that those situations are telling us something. Telling us to change and grow. If we observe closely we see that the same life situations are repeating themselves. It may be a repetitive argument with your spouse, a disciplinary situation with your child, or a problem with a non-cooperative co-worker. The situation may seem different from all other situations with that person. However, there is only one limiting thought that is responsible for the situations reoccurring time and again. That limiting thought could be to control a child, or to do with having a lower opinion of your co-worker. This thought not only limits your options of coming up with any lasting solution to the crisis, it may completely prevent you from reaching any solution. Moreover, such limiting thoughts hamper your personal and spiritual growth. That limiting thought, leading to a Narrow Sense of Self, is only your perception of that person or situation. When you realize that you have such limiting thoughts, you can work to replace them with more expansive thoughts, leading you to an Expanded Sense of Self. Unless you eliminate such limiting thought patterns from you, your internal and external behavior will not change and you end up in similar situations again and again, no matter which corner of the world you run to. Because of limiting thoughts, without you even realizing it, you are creating the world you really don’t want. How do we stop this vicious cycle? There are several ways and I will take one technique at a time and discuss them in reasonable detail.

Why and how do these techniques work?

Life, brahman, or consciousness, whatever you may want to call it, it only knows abundance. It does not know what lack is. That is why it is able to create trillions of stars, planets, universes and so on. For example, you need a car. But, you don’t have it. So, you visualize that you already have a car and you are riding that to work/park wherever. Since the universe only knows abundance, it sees a contradiction—a void per se. It only knows abundance, so it has to fill this apparent void. Does the universe create a car and put it at your door step? No. But, it will create situations and opportunities and opens doors for you. If you are aware of these openings and make use of the opportunities, in a short time, you will have your car. What will prevent you from getting the car? Not believing that the universe will do all that for you, not believing in your own affirmations or meditations. Or, someone else putting a counter-affirmation to prevent you from getting what you want.

Now lets move on to the techniques. First I will discuss the affirmations.

Expansive thinking through affirmations

Affirmations are thoughts that are formed in present tense as if you are already experiencing what you wanted. For example, if you wanted a new job where you are working from home and making more money than before, you could state the affirmation as, “I am now working from home earning a better income, for the highest good of everyone concerned.”

It is better to do these affirmations in a relaxed state of mind. It is also better to do the affirmations silently than aloud, because when intoned silently in your mind you can harness the power of your concentration and intention even more. This could be done twice a day—right after waking up when your mind is still calm and before going to bed after you are completely relaxed and about to sleep. You should do this everyday until your desire manifests. Have a simple, separate affirmation for each of you desires.

Abundance Meditation

In this section, I will talk about the abundance meditation I practice. It has worked for me very well so far. In this meditation we use all our feelings, sounds, smells, everything. We prepare by first relaxing (discussed below) ourselves completely. After we enter a state of calm, we then start visualizing the whole scene. Taking the above example of working from home and getting a better pay, you visualize yourself sitting in your home office and working. You even visualize your paycheck for the work being done. You can visualize how the room smells, the lighting there, everything. You also experience how it feels to be working from home. You may even want to even visualize yourself experiencing the perks of working from home—eating lunch with your spouse, picking up children from school, having flexible work hours, etc. You should do this until your desire manifests.


Sacred syllables or mantrAs are scientifically created sound syllables that harness energies of particular vibratory frequency. For example, a lakshmi is energy of primordial creative force (also known as an aspect of Sakti) that creates the abundance in this universe. Her bIjAksharA or seed syllable is SrIm (a variation of this syllable is SrI). This syllable means abundance. For example, if you want abundance of wealth, prosperity, you could chant, 108 times, the lakshmI mantra which is,

Om SrIm mahA lakshmyai swAhA

This is an ancient science and a very vast subject that deserves its own article. I will just describe, briefly, what a mantra does. Each mantra is like a formula and has a particular way of intoning each syllable. When uttered correctly, they create particular neuronal connections in our brain representing the vibratory pattern symbolized by the mantra. This change in our brain chemistry changes our outlook, to attract and create opportunities in order for us to get whatever we want.

I use one or more of the above techniques as a combination in order to achieve my goals.

Relaxation Technique

Before you proceed to do any of the above techniques and if you want them to be successful without the interference of limiting thoughts, you first need to relax. You can do the following:

  1. Sit in a comfortable position with your back erect or lie down on your back.
  2. Touch the tip of your tongue to the soft palate (roof of the mouth).
  3. Close your eyes and do deep abdominal breathing 7–12 times. Do each breath slowly for five counts of in-breath and a five counts of out-breath.
  4. Now, let the breath return to normal.
  5. Without forcing just watch the breath. You may chant, mentally, “sOham” (means, “I am that”), with breath. You say “sO” as you breathe in and say “ham” as you breathe out. If you don’t like to do that, you can just watch the breath as it naturally goes in and out.

After you are relaxed, you can carry on with one of the affirmation, abundance meditation or mantra or a combination of them. It is usually best to augment the techniques to increase the efficacy. So, you could first do the affirmation, then do meditation or mantra or both.

Things to watch out for

Law of karma says that we should not try to attract bad things for others no matter how angry you are with them (being angry and non-forgiveness is in itself a misery). Your wish should always be for the highest good of everybody and everything involved. Sometimes because our mental resistance (I believe karma manifests mostly like that), these techniques may take longer to produce results. However, if you keep at it, it will happen. It all depends on how badly you want something you are wishing for and how much passion you have, to attain it. Also, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, you may not get what you want if someone puts a counter-affirmation into the universe either knowingly or unknowingly. So, it is better not to talk to others of your affirmations.

As I mentioned in the earlier part of this article, the wishes don’t come true just by putting the affirmation out into the universe and sitting on the sofa and watching TV. They manifest in very subtle ways via opportunities that come either through your friends, acquaintances or even complete strangers. You must make a decision to walk through the door that has been opened for you. You must act in order to make the most of the opportunity so that your wish comes true.

In closing…

When you live consciously knowing your desires and consequences of your desires, making conscious choices to make your and other people’s lives better, then you have truly mastered your life. This is something every one of has to achieve in this life, for we will not know whether we will have another or not. What you manifested today may not be the right thing in a few days, months or years later, because your consciousness has evolved in the meantime. However, you know that you made a conscious choice and are willing to deal with the consequences and move on—and there are no regrets.

20 Responses

  1. Ghani says:

    Whao, awsome! Thank you for sharing. I have been reading a book by Dr. Joseph Murphy “The Miracle Of Mind Dynamics”. A new way to triumphant living. Amazing how the Law Of Attraction works!


  2. Dear Ghani,

    I haven’t heard of the book. Thanks for mentioning it here.


  3. Barbara says:

    I am God and i send myself to myself for loving…

  4. Barbara,

    Thanks for stating your truth.


  5. Dee says:

    Thanks for the reminder.

    I tend to forget this great truth too often.

  6. Dee,

    We all do. It is good to remind ourselves from time to time.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  7. Desika, this is great post and I enjoyed reading through it. I am following the principles of the law of attraction and I definitely love what it’s been doing in my life. It uses the power of positive thinking and positive attitude to attract abundance in life.

  8. Faith says:

    Hi Desika,

    I have written to you before, and appreciate your help. I have a question regarding counter-affirmations. Is there any way in which we can avoid the counter-affirmations from preventing our desires from manifesting? Well, it may not be possible to keep everything a secret from others. Somehow people may come to know of them. For e.g. Suppose I am looking for a job. For this I may have to tell people and send them my resume` with the hope that they would be able to help. I may have to tell them about the kind of job I am looking for. Some might motivate me, while others might think I’m being too impractical and not worthy of that kind of a job. The people creating negative thought forms could be divided into 2 categories: One who do it out of jealousy, hatred etc.; and the other who do it because they “care” and don’t want to see us disappointed. How do I get past the negativity created by OTHERS and still manage to manifest what I want? Thanks!

  9. Law of attraction guy,

    Thank you for your appreciation.


  10. Faith,

    Do you have to tell everybody what you are up to? Immediate family, yes, you have to. But, do you have to tell every other person you meet. Even if you tell others it is the strength of your desire that manifests what you want. Also, note that sometimes you may not get what you want, because that may not be for your highest good at that time. So, I would suggest instead of worrying about what negativities that you may face, just keep affirming what you want or more precisely what you need. Don’t worry about what others say. Note that if somebody tells you that it may be difficult for you to manifest something, they are not talking about you, but they are talking about themselves and their own lack, and projecting it on to you. So, why worry about what anybody says.

    When you affirm what you want you may also want to add to it, “May This or whatever that is in my highest good manifest for me.”

    I hope that this helps.


  11. Faith says:

    Thanks a lot, Desika. Much appreciated:)


  12. You are very welcome, Faith.


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