How I Contacted Siddhar Thirumoolar

(See sanskrit transliteration scheme)

Many people wrote in the comments as well as in emails that they were looking for experiences similar to what I described in this article. I am compelled to post this update after I read Mr. Rajendrakumar’s unfortunate personal experience (see comments section) from practicing the mantra on this page without proper guidance. This article was written with the intention of sharing my experience only, but it was never my intention that it would be taken as a technique (I never gave the steps of using the mantra in this page). I did not write this article lightly. I deliberated putting this on my site for more than three months and put it up only after inner push. Also, note that this experience was more than couple of years old from the date of publication of this article. My only intention in writing this article was to express that the Siddhars are available on the inner planes if we need help. If you really want the proper technique of chanting the mantra, you need to go to and get it from them.One size does not fit all. Not all techniques are for everybody. If you really want, try a technique for short periods of time (like, 5 minutes per day) for about three days. If the technique is not pleasant and give you joy, but causes distress, then the technique is not for you.

Please also note that if you are chanting mantra or doing a technique with an intention of having a particular spiritual experience, then that desire may be coming from ego which could cause physical and mental distress. You need to approach any technique with humility and surrender to the divine and let the divine give you whatever experience you need to grow.

Bhakthi or Surrender to the Divine is important. May be your first practice should be just that — Surrender to your favorite form of the divine. If you need to do a specific technique, you will be guided to it and you will not feel the conflicts created by ego at that point. This was the case with me.

Listen to your inner longing (this is not the ego’s desire to have an experience and feel good). Just because someone else is doing it or someone had some experience and you want to reproduce that experience, is the wrong approach. Having spiritual experiences is not the goal. Experiences occur on their own accord depending on what each person needs to learn and gain wisdom. You can derive inspiration from others experiences, but not try to replicate them.

Develop Self-love and Self-acceptance. When you develop these two, things will appear to you as needed for your evolution and you will not face any issues with your practice. With Self-love and Self-acceptance, you will also gain the wisdom of love and acceptance for others.

Be gentle with yourself. Treat your body/mind temple as you would treat a temple you visit — with love and devotion. If you are feeling uncomfortable and sick, then body is telling you to just stop. No guilt needed. Just stop.

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In February 2005, I took initiation into Level-1 of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga and in April 2005, into Level-2. In Level-2, we were given a list of names of siddhas (meaning, “perfected beings”) and deities—all are infinite intelligences—and we were told the qualities of each intelligence. We were asked to choose based on what resonated with us and what qualities we wanted to invoke within ourselves, at that time. We got initiated into one mantra of our choice from that list. When they described the list, one of the descriptions was about siddhar tirumUlar (from now on I will use the more popular spelling and form, “Thirumoolar”). However, I did not take that mantra at that time, instead I got attracted to the mantra of Lord Muruga (also known as, skanda, kArtikEya, kumara, sanat kumara and subramanya). He is also known as, “The Lord of Siddhas.”

Muruga—The Lord of Siddhas

Mahavatar Kriya Babaji Nagraj

Siddhar Thirumoolar

Few months passed. Around early June 2005, I happened to be at my friend’s (he is also my music teacher) place, as he was giving a lecture-demonstration on Ayurvedic cooking. (yummy!) When we were all eating, he started talking to somebody and I happened to be nearby. I overheard him talk about how he got a message from Thirumoolar to do an internet search for a certain, “51 syllable Siva mantra,” so he can practice and teach to his music students. He had not started to teach that mantra, yet. This time, I strangely got attracted to the name “Siddhar Thirumoolar.” But, I did not ask about it. I felt, if I needed it, I would surely get it somehow. After that I forgot about it completely.

A couple of days later, I started to get this urge to find this mantra. I thought that I was just making it up. So, I ignored it. I kept getting this thought constantly. One week passed. I was just seeing, if that was just a random thought and would pass. But, it was not, and I could not resist it any longer. So, I googled, the terms, “51 syllable Siva mantra Thirumoolar.” The first site that popped up was, Thirumoolar’s Siva Yoga site. Here, I found the following mantra (also available in Tirumandiram (Vol 2, Verse 946)):

Si va ya na ma
ya na va Si ma
ma va ya na Si
Si ya na ma va
va Si ma ya na

For further details on this mantra and Siva yoga, visit the site. I practiced this mantra for about five minutes everyday, with the intent of contacting Siddhar Thirumoolar. Barely a week had passed. Then, on July 10, 2005, I had the following vision. I am quoting my journal entry below, with a few grammatical and spelling corrections.

Contact with Siddhar Thirumoolar (July 10, 2005)

Early this morning, I had a profound awakening from sleep. I didn’t know, if I was dreaming or awake. I saw red lasers emitting from my third eye. At the other end of the rays, there was a figure the half the size of my little finger. The figure was burning red surrounded by intense flames the color of the sun. I couldn’t make out who that was.

The figure said, “Your third eye is open and I want to enter.”

My head was already feeling burning hot from the flames from the figure.

I asked, “Who are you? Why should I let you in?”

Then, the figure said, “I am Thirumoolar and I want to help you.”

To that I said, “I surrender. Please help me.”

At that moment I saw my forehead split open. For a brief period I saw a bearded man in that opening. My head became unbearably hot. But, I was not afraid at all.

Then, the scene changed. I saw myself climbing the stairs in our home. My wife was coming down.

She asked, “Why are you like that?”

I replied, “Thirumoolar entered me. I am going to the pooja (meditation) room. I will talk to you after that.”

Then, the scene changed again. I found myself in Tiruchanoor (my native place in India). My father, my uncle and several other elders were sitting in a circle with piles of papers in front of them.

I asked, “What is all this?”

My father answered, “We are translating scriptures in Tamil to English.”

I nodded.

I was about leave and my father asked, “I forgot your guru’s name. What is it?”

I smiled and said, “Thirumoolar.” I left the room.

The vision ended there and no more after that.

In the morning, I was contemplating, if Kriya Babaji arranged for me to meet Siddhar Thirumoolar. A voice arose in me that said, “Obey Thirumoolar. He is also your guru.” I said to myself, “Okay.” The contemplation ended there.

Siddhar Thirumoolar is full of divine love and compassion. He is fiery in nature, like the brilliant sun, burning away the darkness of ignorance in me.

In few days after I got this vision, I received a message to get initiated into Siva yoga offered from the website mentioned above. As of writing this article, I have been initiated into and practicing Step-4.

I hope this article serves as an inspiration to any of you who are interested in contacting the great Siddhar Thirumoolar to ask for help on your path to self-mastery, enlightenment and ascension. Great ascended masters like him are available all around us to guide us in our quest for Truth.

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  1. Thank you so much for the link, Desika! Anmol and Slade are fantastic blogs, I’ve been reading them for quite a while now, and I’m honored to be listed with them.

  2. Hey Albert,

    You are very welcome! Anmol’s and yours have been my favorite blogs for a while, and finding Slade’s blog has been a bonus blessing for me.


  3. Thank you for the link to my site and the kind words here in the comments. It means more to me than you know!

  4. Hi Slade,

    It is great that I found your blog. Your blog answered some questions that I had lately. It meant a lot to me.


  5. So glad to find your site through Slade’s blog … I really enjoyed this post (and stumbled it! hee hee) and am looking forward to more as a brand-new subscriber.


  6. Hi Andrea,

    Thanks a lot for visiting and commenting. Thanks for the stumble. 🙂

    I have been reading your blog as well–thanks to Slade for introducing me to your blog.


  7. Came across your blog for the first time. You have a very inspiring blog. Will be back for more..


  8. Keith says:

    Desika: Congratulations on your Divine Experience…you have indeed been blessed by a self-realized soul who will now guide you in many ways, and you will indeed help others in their journey. Best Wishes to you from Sunny Florida, USA. Cheers/Namaste, Keith Johnson

  9. To Sham:

    Thank you very much for your appreciation. You have a very nice blog as well.

    To Keith:

    Thank you very much for your wishes and blessings. Mantra yoga has always been one of my interests. We seem to share that interest.

    I am glad that you both visited me and left your website links for me to read your articles.


  10. Hey Desika,

    Simply amazing experience you had here. The mysteries of the Universe are really infinite. Would love to get my hands on that journal of yours, sure seems like some seriously interesting reading :-D.

    Thanks for the link love, and love all the blogs you have mentioned above too… great stuff.


  11. Hi Anmol,

    Thanks buddy! Once you read my journal, you may think it is “just serious” and “not seriously interesting” as you previously thought! 🙂


  12. I followed your comment from Slade’s blog. Thanks for sharing this exciting experience with us. I will be reading more of your articles.

  13. Patricia,

    Thank you very much for your appreciation. I am looking forward to more of your participation on my blog. I greatly appreciate all the feedback I get.


  14. Anandakantha says:

    This is interesting but also disturbing, how can one be sure the entity coming into the third eye
    is who it says it is and is not something trying to feed the ego? Why are people calling this mantra a 51 lettered mantra, there are only 5 letters to the mantra, and they are repeated in 5 different ways adding up to 25 + 1 Om letters. For anyone that knows basic maths that would make this a 26 lettered mantra! In that case, anyone who knows how to add up will understand this is only half of the 51 lettered mantra and another 5 lined variant of nama sivaaya exists and Thirumoolar has left it up to the devotee to find the other permutations in his Thirumandiram and put them together to make the full 51 letters either that or he is giving a clue that namasivaya is in all 51 petals of the chakras and whose nature is no different from the 51 Sanskrit letters. It seems Master Thirumoolar doesn’t give everything away so easily, but at least he is generous enough to have given half! So please call this one the 26 lettered Mantra. Jai Thirumoolar!

  15. Dear Anandakantha,

    Thanks for your comment.

    My experiences with Siddhar Thirumoolar go beyond words that are used in this article. In the article, though egotistically I asked the question, “Who are you?” I knew instinctively it was Siddhar Thirumoolar even before he answered my question, and therefore I cannot attribute it to any other entity. I cannot convince you either way, and I cannot satisfy everybody’s ego. I consider Siddhar Thirumoolar as my spiritual elder brother (per his request) and also as an aspect of my higher self. The joy and love I feel in his presence cannot be expressed in words.

    If you had read my article carefully, you would have noticed that I did not say it was, “51 lettered” mantra, I said it was “51 syllable” mantra. In each letter there are actually two sounds, for example, in “na” there are “n” and “aa,” and that sound originates from two different parts of the body.

    You are right that Thirumoolar meant that every one of 51 sanskrit letters is infused with Siva.

    That said, I don’t mind calling the mantra a 26 lettered mantra, 51 lettered mantra, Siva matra, Thirumoolar’s siva mantra or even Anandakantha’s siva mantra. I am sure that Siddhar wouldn’t mind it. I don’t believe that a finite name can capture the infinite.

    Ego gets inflated when we start fighting over semantics, rather than focusing on what the mantra and Siddhar are pointing to.


  16. AnandaKantha says:


    It was an attempt to help you figure out the true 51 lettered Mantra but it seems Master Thirumoolar has come to our aid. No semantics don’t have to inflate the ego, but they can clarify it, for what is the Thiramandiram but the purest explanation of the divine semantics of Saiva Siddhantha?
    Here is the full 51 lettered Mantra pranayam and you can republish it here if you like as such:
    1 + OM (inhale silently thinking OM)
    Exhale say or sing: SI VA YA NA MA
    forwards: evolution YA NA VA SI MA
    25 letters MA VA YA NA SI
    backwards NA YA MA SI VA
    Involution VA MA NA YA SI
    25 letters SI NA YA VA MA

    = 51 Lettered Mantra of Thirumoolar, so he gave everything for those that have eyes to see and here he is giving it for all eyes to see! SIVAYANAMA!!!!! His grace is infinite! Enjoy the nrithya of Siva’s yoga.
    Jai Thirumoolar!!!

  17. AnandaKantha says:

    P.S. yes you said 51 syllabled but in the Thirumandiram it is translated as 51 lettered mantra, either way can be seen to be right.

  18. AnandaKantha says:

    Siva’s name is meant to encompass the infinite:
    Sa = illumination of Peace
    i = Causal Body
    va = Union with the Infinite

  19. AnandaKantha says:

    Dear Desika,

    While you may not believe that a “finite name can capture the infinite,” you must realise that this is the express purpose of Siva’s name: Sa = Ilumination of Peace, i = causal body, Va = Union with the Infinite.

  20. Dear AnandaKantha,

    Thank you for eliciting a different pranayama technique using the same mantra.

    Thirumoolar is amazing in his vast knowledge of yoga techniques and he seems to know what each person needs for his/her evolution and give very specific techniques tailored to each one.

    I am very thankful to you for discussing the mantra here. I am sure that visitors of this page will immensely benefit from your explanation.

    BTW, I only said that “arguing” about semantics inflates the ego, and not the semantics themselves.

    Thank you again.

  21. AnandaKantha says:

    It is a great priveledge to share the knowledge on this page that came as a result of inquiry. This questioning is designed to pierce the intrinsic meaning eluded to in the literature, and reveal the hidden 26 letters obtained by reversing the first, which thankfully divine intelligence graciously revealed. If we can think of the right questions, sometimes we find the right answers 🙂 I am very grateful to you for making this page on Thirumoolar that allowed such inquiry to arise and to be spontaneously answered. 51 syllables are dancing in Siva’s bliss. I invite you to try it, if you are so inclined and see how it works.

  22. Dear AnandaKantha,

    I again express my deep gratitude to you for sharing your knowledge on this page. I believe that Thirumoolar brought you to this page, so I can gain more insights. I appreciate your participation and I hope to see you sharing more of your wisdom on these pages in the future.

    Thanks again,

  23. Parthasarathy says:

    Dear Desika
    A very nice elucidation of ones experience without reservations. Truly, articles like this will help those seeking enlightenment to dig deep into their vast realm and capture the Grace destined to each

  24. Dear Parthasarathy,

    Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment. It is my sincere hope that articles on this site are helpful to seekers on their way to freedom.

    Thanks and I hope to see you more on this site.

    – Desika

  25. Dear desika Nadadur,

    While searching for Thirumoolar the great sage, Gurudev and the disciple of My great celestial master, Nandikeshwara I landed on your page. Long ago when i wanted to practice babaji’s Kriya yoga I requested for blessings from My Gurudev and he had replied to me to go for shiva yoga. Your article is thought provoking and revealing. I had my gurudev’ s blessings through Naadi leaves and now when i read about shiva yoga i wanted to get initiated into it.Kindly guide me in this regard. let your spiritual experience enlighten the uninitiated!!


  26. Dear Ravee,

    Siva Yoga initiation is given by Sivakami Om Anandi. This is the same link I provided in this article. You can practice the 51 syllable mantra and the Soham meditation technique given in the introductory page at that site. Those two are prerequisites for the advanced techniques. After you practice these for a while (it is necessary that you memorize the 51 syllable mantra for latter techniques) you can contact Sivakami Om Anandi for advanced Siva Yoga techniques by filling in an application form on that site. She is very helpful in answering questions and giving guidance. I have found these techniques to be very powerful in elevating my consciousness.

    Please let me know, if I can be of further assistance.

    Love and Light (LnL),
    – Desika

  27. Dash says:

    Thank you for the link to sivayoga. You have helped me in my quest… and am deeply grateful to you for this….. May the divine shower his blessings on you…

  28. Hi Dash,

    You are very welcome. I hope that you make an “inner” contact with Thirumoolar.


  29. prakash says:

    i am really astonished while reading this article

    kindly keep me updated regarding this

  30. Hi Prakash,

    Thank you. I will surely keep all my readers updated.


  31. Raja says:

    Happy to meet in the spirit of your life’s and this is our meet because I had initiated by thiruMoolar directly without any linkages it is my self interest because of my self interest My ThiruMoolar says you are in the correct path who had found me in the life path of initiating the Moolar directly himself without the mantra afterwards I had studied the ThiruMandiram in Tamil. Just you feel if only i read the hymns of Thirumandiram I could follow the Moolar’s word or phrases as experiences of my owns . Completely stop reading of Moolar’s story or any other scripts written by other authors I had bought the ThiruMoolar’s ThiruMandiram of my own thread I had picked up only the hymns of ThiruMandiram it is only reference. Why I ‘m telling this means what experience I have every day is ThiruMooolar is the Self or in another word he is My awakened body because ThiruMoolar spells without this body you can’t realize you as same as kriya nagaraj. So on conclusion I’m being I’m being I’m being. Om Sivaya Namah : You can also enjoy it by you’re own. – Raaja . B (Salem – TamilNadu – India)

  32. Dear Raja,

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience.


  33. Muthu Kumar says:

    Dear Friends,
    Its an amazing experience to read all the divine contacts with Siddhars. We are all so blessed to even talk, read about these noble souls. If some of you can experience them inside you; i am sure you all are very much blessed. Having worshipping “Pathinen Siddhars” (18 Siddhars) since Aug 2006, i am not so fortunate as some of you to reach those heights that you did. My belief on them just reaches the zenith when i read the above articles. We can do somethings that these wonderful souls did. We can help people by some way according to our strength. Show mercy and love to wounded birds, animals and even our fish in the fish tank. True to a line that inspires me from a song in kalathur kannama which goes “E Erumbum Un Padaipil Inimai Kanuthae” (Even flies and ants are blessed in your creation). This song is in praise of Tamil Siddhar Kadavul Lord Muruga. I strongly urge you all to get a picture of 18 siddhars, frame it and keep in pooja and worship. If possible please visit Jeeva samadies of siddhars. We have one in chennai where Patinathar became a Lingam and still bless us all at Tiruvotriyur. We can feel wonderful vibrations if we go and sit in the temple and meditate.

    Pathinen Siddhar Thuthi Paadal (18 Siddhars worship song)

    “Nandhi agathiyar moolar punnakeesar natravathu pulathiyarum
    Poonaikannar kanthi idaikaadarum bogar pulikai eesar
    karuvoorar konganavar kalangi anbir sithu azukannar
    agapeyar pambatti therayarum kuthambaiyarum sattainathar
    senthamizh seer siddhar patinen mar patham
    sinthai unnai sirathaniyai serthi vazvam.

    Warm Regards,
    Chennai India
    [Email deleted by the admin]

  34. Dear Muthu Kumar,

    Thank you for taking time to comment. The poems are very nice.

    One thing that I should say is that the Tamil Siddhars were against “external idol worship.” It is okay to get their pictures as a mark of respect for the state they are in. It is okay to use their pictures or form as conduit to go within yourself. But, if it becomes another ritualistic external worship that does not take you within, then it is not worth it.

    As you may know Siddhars were rebels and non-conformists of their time. They want you to be independent and not be emotionally dependent on them. Respect them, love them, be taught by them. But, know that they treat all of us as equal to them and want you to approach them in the same way.

    Please see here for the advice that Siddhar Thirumoolar gave me regarding worshipping him: Brotherhood of the Spirit—My Contemplation.

    Thanks for your thought provoking comment.

  35. Anil says:

    Really amazing for sharing experience and increse my faith in Siddha.I also experience this type of experience.


  36. Thyaahesan says:

    Dear Desika Nadadur yogi sir,

    Congratulations to share your Divine Experience…!!!

    please kindly request SIVAYANAMA 126 line words,
    based on Permutation compination theory method, and how to procede in meditation
    that mantra. do you Know pls answer me.

    and pls advise me. (i am very interested in Astavarkam (126 sivayanama) compination words)


    Thyaaho [Phone number removed]

    Note : Some Siddhars rare place photos shared on my routes:

  37. Anil: I am happy that it increased your faith in the Siddhars.

    Thyaaho: I do not know about 126 line mantra, so I won’t be able to help you with that mantra. I only use the 51 syllable mantra given in this article. BTW, Nice pictures on flickr.


  38. iyer says:

    interesting and abosrbing details.
    with aging humans become less materialistic and more spiritual.
    i too longing to expereince, but can any one go thru this motion or they have to destined.

    to confess i may only have the intention, but iam not sure the step i take is it enough or i am not destined not take the enough steps.

    my expereince journey started when i came with the contact of “bogar siddhar” confluence. i am blessed thee to have their constant touch which helps me by way of checking what is store for me for the day / future.

    iam more in the position of keen to know more about my future, so iam getting to know more about the siddha principle

  39. Dear Iyer,

    Your thinking that you want to follow the Siddha path itself shows that you are destined. You said you have the intention only. That is a start and the next step is to harness its power by taking action. You can start by taking Babaji Kriya Yoga or Thirumoolar’s Siva Yoga initiation. Links are provided in the article. Siva yoga is given online for free. Babaji’s Kriya yoga is given worldwide for nominal donation–please check their website for a nearest location to you.


  40. R.GANESAN says:

    3DQ Lesson

    I have received the user name and password for
    3DQ Lessons Step1 six weeks ago and Iam practicing regularly. I am unable to retrieve the
    user name and password from my pc.Kindly mail the same once again.


  41. Dear Ganesan,

    I don’t have permission to offer the 3DQ lessons. You will have to contact Siva Yoga site for that.


  42. Jai Praveen says:

    Your testimonial was inspiring. By God’s grace, I landed in the right site when I needed the spiritual upliftment. I believe the divine beings are aware of what’s happening in the blog as in the world! 🙂 Praise be to God

  43. Jai,

    You are absolutely right about the divine beings knowing the internet. In fact, they have been using it to contact people. I have known instances of Babaji and Thirumoolar asking some of their disciples to either start blogs/websites or search for particular keywords on the internet to find material to benefit the disciple.


  44. Manikumar says:

    Dear all sirs / gurus etc.,

    I am an ordinary soul just chanced upon this info. Actually I am interested in all these, including siddha medicinal , and mantra pracice for the welfare of univeral welbeing.

    Now, I request you all to let all the info you have to succed in my mission.

    Thanks and regards

  45. Muthu says:

    Dear all,

    I am very glad to here your spiritual experience.
    I am also a spiritual searcher. Would request you
    to share any related message about siddhars.

  46. deepan says:

    Thanks a lot for your valid information
    Did u feel the change in your eye

  47. Sudhaa says:


    Thank you very much for sharing the divine experience. I actually stumbled upon this blog and I consider this as the divine willl of saint thirumoolar. I had this vision of him blessing me in Srirangam (that was so many 1000 years ago) in sleep some time in the month of August in 2006. I have been an avid seeker of spiritual info from the Internet as well as books for the last 5 years after I got initiated in to Yoga. I was blessed to come in contact with mahavatar babji through the book ‘Autobiography of Yogi’ from my Yoga master.

    For the past few months, I have been praying to Sage Agastya and I consider this initiation in to this mantra, the divine will of Lord Arunachala, Sage Agastya , Thirumoolar and Mahavatar Babaji.


  48. rohini says:

    Thank you very much. I was looking for something like this. I had read about 18 siddhas and I wanted to get in touch with them but it will be like i should go alone to their place or pay for it. This time i prayed Lord shiva and to my suprise i felt that i should go and search “sivayoga”. and this is it. I have started 51 syllable mantra from yesterday. Today i felt like drunken .It was so great, thanks a lot.

  49. Guru BGN says:

    Dear All
    Its is great message to human beings and your experience with Siddhar Thirumoolar is quite intutive and is an inspiration for person like me who are in search of the supreme.We are blessed that Thirumoolar has showered his blessing on us that is the reason we have come across such a nice information.

    I am from madurai tamilnadu.Kindly share more information as and when u experience the supreme.

    In the path of Siddhar Thirumoolar


  50. R.GANESAN says:




  51. @Manikumar: Thanks for stopping by. I am sure that Siddhar Thirumoolar will guide you in your quest.

    @Muthu: I will share the information that I can.

    @Deepan: My perspective about the world did change.

    @Sudhaa: Thanks for sharing your experience. Please stop by and let us know your experience with the mantra.

    @Rohini: You are very welcome. Masters have an amazing way of using our thoughts and the internet to guide us in our spiritual journey.

    @Guru BGN: Thank you for your thoughtful comment. As the saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together” all of Siddhar Thirumoolar’s disciples find a common place. 🙂 Great masters like him know and guide his disciples accordingly.

    @R. Ganesan: Thank you very much for the wishes and wish you the same.


  52. arul says:

    dear iya,

    is any mantra to contact sidhar konkanavar


  53. Dear Arul,

    Sorry I don’t know the mantra for Siddhar Konkanavar. One idea is, you can chant the mantra given here for Siddhar Thirumoolar and request him to get you in touch with Siddhar Konkanavar. That could work!


  54. J. Amirtharaj says:

    I want to know about our sidders. About their power and how to contact them.

    Kindly do the needful

  55. Malar says:

    I came across this site thorough one of my friend. You shared really an amazing experience with us. I was so atracted towards the manthra and started to chant since yesterday. I am little curious about the 52 words in teh manthra. When I counted it only has 26(including the Om) but not 52. Then later I realized was it could be due to the combination ‘Uyir+Mei’ characters in tamil? For e.g: Va = Aa + ivh ? I am not sure whether myunderstanding towards the 52 manthra is correct or not. kindly advise.


  56. Malar,

    Analyzing whether the mantra is 25 lettered, 51 syllabled, or 52 syllabled is all just a mental exercise and does not lend its power to you through that analysis. Only chanting it does. The deeper meaning is that 51 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet vibrate with the power of “Om Na Ma Si Va Ya”.

    I hope this helps.


  57. Malar says:

    Hi Desika,

    thanks for explanation. It was just out of curiosity I asked that question. Anyhow, I have already started chanting the manthra for the past 2 days continously. Thanks for sharing


  58. Popescu Ion says:

    Can anyone tell me the skanda kartikeya bija mantra ?

  59. Malar,

    I know it was out of curiosity you asked. I hope that you did not take my comment the wrong way, it sounded from your comment that you were taken aback a bit.


  60. Popescu Ion,

    There are several mantras of Skanda/Kartikeya/Subrahmanya. Here is one that I know of.

    Om sang subrahmaNyam

    When you chant aloud or mentally it would sound like this:

    Ong sng su brng maN yam


    Ong — primordial vibration
    sng — Siva – Wisdom
    su — Ganesha — Integration of celestial and physical bodies., i.e. your entire being.
    brng — Kartikeya/kumAra/subrahmanya — Warrior, fearless expression, youthfulness
    maN — Saraswati – flow of beauty and creativity
    yam — Krishna – heart energy – playfulness, enchantment.

    I hope this helps.


  61. Malar says:

    Hi Desika,

    sorry if my mail sounded so. I never felt such actually. Perhaps, I am not good in wordings my sentence 🙂 I have been chanting the manthra continuously. .Thanks for the sharing 🙂
    have a blessed day ahead


  62. manjeet shukla says:

    i m in need of a adhyatmic guru to start perfect meditation, self realisation etc. actually i need to know what i should do? i m feeling aimless. please guide me. i will be happy i will receive a mail.
    thank you.

  63. Jai Praveen says:

    Dear Shukla,
    I think Desika’s busy with his work. I will take the freedom of pointing you to the path which I walk. Check out this site : ; Here the teachings of Siddhar Thirumoolar are presented and relayed by Sivakami Om Anandi. I personally found them highly beneficial and would recommend that to anyone who desperately needs to advance systematically in the spiritual path. All the best!

  64. Hi Jai,

    Thanks for replying.

    I replied to Manjeet Shukla directly over email, as I have already posted the same answer many times over in the comments above. Looks like it is time to write up a FAQ! 🙂

    Thanks again for taking time to answer the question.


  65. Jai Praveen says:


  66. PrabhuRV says:

    Dear Anna’s,

    I just happened to read out all those articles…really got enlighted about the Siddhar Thirumoolar Contact..For the past one year or so..I am following the siddhar worshipping…visiting their samadis…i am now desperately looking to have the contact of siddhars…Pls advise me..on my way forward in my spritual Journey

  67. D.S.Madhavan says:

    Iam D.S.Madhavan from Chennai . Iam very exicited while i was reding your experience. I have been initated into Ananda Gandha through my beloved Guru. Really for the past three months some how i was attaracted to the great Siddhar Thirumoolar, constantly the Thirumoolar will occur in my mind without knowingly, even the thought made to search to diffrent sites, now today i got a connection with a person whom he had a vision of Sri Thirumoolar with an wonderful experice. I will surely go to the link & take the mantras to achive the vision of Sri Thirumoolar ji.

    Kindly write if you went through more Spritual Experiences.


  68. D.S. Mahadevan,

    Thank you for sharing here.


  69. PrabhuRV,

    Contact is made from within not from without. We can visit all shrines, but may never make a contact. Remember that Siddhar’s saying is that your body is your temple and you can make all contacts only from within. If your desire is strong to make a contact then keep thinking of your favorite siddha and you will be guided.



  70. PrabhuRV says:

    Desika Ji,

    Thank you very much…I have already started thinking and chanting of siddhar Sri Thirumoolar manthras.. Hope with rigour Practice and thinking i will be get his contact..Pls bless and pray for me..

  71. Selvam says:

    How did the coconut get up onto the tree? How did the water get into the coconut?

  72. Balasubramanian.KJ says:

    I think that the 51 lettered mantra parayanam is an simple yantram or a magic square where in you place numbers 1,2,3,4,5 and ensure that the total count vertically, horizontally and diagnolly in all directions reach 15 ( 1+2+3+4+5=15)
    and the letters 1=Na, 2=Si,3=Ma,4=Ya,5=Va and start reading the letters
    you get the following phrase which makes meaning,
    Om, Vaya Nama Sima Sivaya, Naya Nama Siva Sivaya, Nama Nama sivaya, Om.
    Its just out of curiosity that i tried to rework the same as this makes meaning and normally the siddhars leave us a lot of puzzles to solve.

  73. Muralidharan says:

    I think I will share with readers an intense experience I had at ” Thiruvaduthurai” in front of Thirumoolar’s Samadhi. Prior to this visit , I had an experience in life that betrays the most profound teaching of Thirumoolar that ” Love is GOD”. Seeking an answer , I sat in front of his Samadhi all alone, meditating intensely, almost forcefully seeking an explanation why I was wronged while in truth I was always following his principles.
    I got in that quietitude, five chirpings of a bird arising indisputably from the centre of his samadhi,like an “asareeri”, the tone of these orderly chirpings communicating that all is well and that I have just faced a karmic experience of my “poorvajanmapapa” and having gone through pain on that account, I have nothing to fear. This experience was extraordinary and within days , I got evidence that I was indeed a blessed person and the situation changed reassuringly in resonance withe the great teaching that ” GOD is love!”. While the details are less important, the actual experience was yet another eye opener how much life is different when experienced at deeper levels. Surely I am slowly on my way to greater revelations and shall turn towards HIM more intensely in the days to come. Thirumoolar is most authentically living in our times and shall grace the chosen ones at will and let us pray and improve our preparedness in shelving aspects of the lower self to desreve his infinite grace.

  74. I would like to be in this group. I am desprate in getting a good contact with the Siddhas. Can somebody help. it should be genuine. I want to talk to them and they must with me throught out my life and be a guiding force. i am very very serious about this.

  75. manu says:

    namaskara desai,

    very happy to have come to your site. your info as it is so divinely joyous, added are the various visitors’/ disciples’ experience, words, interpretation…. very nice.
    all in all, it all concentrates back to the bindu – “GOD IS LOVE”.

    thanks desai.
    thanks all visitors’/ disciples of Anantha Guru Sri Thirumoolar.


    thank u iya,
    i very much interested to contact with siddhar .before that i want to know the babaji kriya yoga pl give me proper way to pratice.
    thank u

  77. Soorya says:

    Dear friends,
    I too was practicing the said yoga.
    To say frankly, i was carried away by it. The interest in the material world fully vanished when i was practising 3rd step of the yoga. I was about to leave my home, leaving my family to some temple area as a yogi. My family screamed knowing this and i was in guilt. My attitude fully got modified and i was no where. I was not knowing what to do. Enlightment without fulfilling the duties is of no use. Enlightened freinds can comment on this please.


  78. Balagurunathan says:

    Dear Surya

    Your message is a message for everyone who are in search of siddhars and their blessing.Only they can guide us for reaching the almighty.Soorya if u are willing kindly send us your mail id or your number so that we can share further more about the practise and experience.

    Dear Desikachari Nadadur

    This site is wonderful site for everyone to share their experience.On behalf of every soul in search of blessings i thank you for this great service.

    In the path of Thirumoolar


  79. Jai Praveen says:

    @ Soorya : While reading your post, I was reminded of St.Thayumanavar(south Indian saint). Just thought of sharing it here — It is relevant as this sage was instructed by an enlightened master belonging to the order of Thirumoolar!!(as the author Prof. Natarajan mentions) to lead a householder life before being prepared for further spiritual revelations. I post the link of his biography here thinking it would be benefitable to know how ascended souls help sincere divine seekers when we are ready —

    Again, Individual karmas are different, let your inner silence speak to you.

    P.S : I thought twice before commenting – after reading your last line 🙂 – “Enlightened friends can comment on this pls.”

  80. Jai Praveen says:

    @ Murali : You got it ~ Anbe Sivam 🙂 Heart felt wishes to all dedicated souls in realizing God everywhere. 🙂

  81. @Soorya,

    Siva Yoga and Kriya Yoga are geared mainly towards householders (and celibates can practice as well). Love is God (Anbe Sivam). Bring that love out in everyday activities. You don’t need to leave anything. In fact, these yogas can be practiced by entire families, if all are so inclined. Point of enlightenment is not to run away from the world, but to know that this manifest world is also divine and be in it.

    Note that in the story of Thirumoolar, the saint Sundaranathar enters the body of the cowherd Moolan. After tending to the cows he wants to return to his original body, but only finds that his original body was missing. Then, he decides that it was the divine will that he should serve this world in Moolan’s body and so surrenders to it. He was in this world but not of it.

    All the Siddhars lived in our human society and worked for its betterment. They were social reformers as well.

    Personally speaking I am a householder with a beautiful supportive wife and two wonderful children. It has its ups and downs at times as all human relationships do, but it immensely fulfilling at all levels.

    Hope this helps.


  82. Soorya says:

    Dear Desika

    Thanks for the reply and Courtesy

    The philosophy said is quite normal saying and i appreciate.

    In my opinion, the meditation will not work same for everybody and it has its own effects on mental and physical energy of the meditator. Learning and practicing meditation through web site or books will definitely lead to confusion and psychological disorders.

    Personal guidance of a guru / siddhar only will help. Imagining siddhar for guidance is illusion.

    In my case, i recovered to normal after an accident in a temple and I beleive lord Siva only saved me.

    To say, I have lot of love for my family and for this soceity and hence i write this.
    I am just sharing my experience and humbly request “please do not mistake me”

    thanks & regards

  83. Soorya,

    Don’t worry about being misunderstood. You are among friends here. Thank you very much for sharing your experience. Thirumoolar’s techniques (Siva Yoga and 3DQs) look quite simple, but they are very powerful. In some people they work so fast that it could throw them off balance. You are right that they work differently in different people based on their karmic baggage (body/mind disposition).

    Also, there is no illusion in seeking Siddhar’s guidance. A guru need not be physically present or even human. Ramana Maharshi said that Mount Arunachala which is Siva Linga itself was his Satguru. When you practice these techniques of Thirumoolar, you will be guided. It may not seem like you are getting the guidance directly from Siddhar, because at times you will be guided to a book, a person, a website, a dream or some other source to clarify your doubts. Whether you call it Thirumoolar’s guidance or Siva’s guidance or God’s guidance, it does not really matter, because Satguru (who is one with Truth or Siva) is none other than Siva himself.

    Thank you for being.


  84. @Balagurunathan: Thank you for your blessings.

    @Jai Praveen: I hope that you are doing well. I haven’t heard from you in a while. Send a line or two over email.


  85. Soorya says:

    Dear Desika

    Nice understanding and explanation
    best regards



    i was chanting mantras (thirumoolar) from 5th jan to 21 jan , on 18th jan i had more temp in my head and it travel to entire body during chanting the mantra after a few days i have got fever, heavycold,and severehead ache.tilldate iam not recover completly.temporarly i stop guide me to go proper way.
    thank you

  87. Arjun Kumar says:

    Dear Desika,
    I have a great interest in knowing siddhas since childhood.. From my small age i have heard many people sharing their experiences like this.. i always wish i had one too.. But could you tell me wheather siddhas really do exist in hills of sathuragiri and thiruvannamalai??? please reply…

  88. Soorya says:

    Dear KGR

    Please stop doing. It is not suitable to you. Otherwise you will go mad.
    This is one of the adverse effect of meditation. Beleive in lord Shiva only and say good bye to website meditation. Save you and your family

    with regards


  89. Dear Rajedrakumar,

    This reply is not only for you but for others as well. This article was written with the intention of sharing my experience only, but not as a technique. I did not write this article lightly. I deliberated putting this on my site for more than three months and put it up only after inner push. If you really want the proper technique you need to go to and get it from them.

    If you had these symptoms in the first day or two of your practice, you could have just sent me an email using the contact form on this site. I am sorry that you are feeling sick. How long were you chanting the mantra per sitting? In the initial stages you should not chant the mantra for more than a 5 mins per day. That was my personal experience. If you feel, headache or some other discomfort during a session just stop. Give it a few days break and try again. If symptoms come back, it may just be that you are not ready for that particular mantra, yet. It is that way not only with this mantra but also other mantras or techniques. Note that all techniques are not for everybody. One size does not fit all. Sometimes even if you are doing the techniques that are right for you, you may initially feel discomfort because of the karmic (read: the stored emotional patterns, etc) stuff coming up. The speed with which they come up varies. You need to stop and reevaluate your situation. If you feel like stopping the techniques altogether, just stop. Don’t need to push yourself.

    Please also note that if you are chanting mantra with an intention of having a particular spiritual experience, then that desire may be coming from ego causing a lot of physical and mental pain. You need to approach any technique with humility and surrender to the divine and let the divine give you whatever experience you need to grow.

    As Soorya suggests above, Bhakthi or Surrender to the Divine is important. May be your first practice should be just that — Surrender to your favorite form of the divine. If you need to do a specific technique, you will be guided to it and you will not feel the conflicts created by ego at that point. This was the case with me.

    Listen to your inner longing (this is not the ego’s desire to have an experience and feel good). Just because someone else is doing it or someone had some experience and you want to reproduce that experience, is the wrong approach. Having spiritual experiences is not the goal. Experiences occur on their own accord depending on what each person needs to learn and gain wisdom.

    Develop Self-love and Self-acceptance. When you develop those two, things will appear to you as needed for your evolution and you will not face these issues. With Self-love and Self-acceptance, you will also gain the wisdom of love and acceptance for others.

    Be gentle with yourself. Treat your body temple as you would treat a temple you visit — with love and devotion. If you are feeling uncomfortable and sick, then body is telling you to just stop. No guilt needed. Just stop.

    I hope this helps.


  90. Soorya: Your suggestion is sound.

  91. Arjun Kumar:

    I can’t really answer you questions, since I have not visited the hills you name. To me it does not matter. They live in my heart.

    Please read the comment I posted above addressed K. Rajendrakumar.


  92. Soorya says:

    Dear Desika

    My suggestion may be sound in your opinion. For me, this shall reach KGR as a fire fighting strategy. If he really gets its trouble, even my suggestion or your suggestion will not help him to reach to his normal. Only almighty has to save him.
    Please guys, do not play with your brains…! its is very delicate, gifted by Lord shiva.


  93. Arjun Kumar says:

    Dear Desika,
    thanks for reply.. As i suggested earlier i have a great interest in knowing about siddhas… cause they are the people who searched god within themselves.. i got a lots of questions about them.. but i dont have people to answer my questions.. so when i saw this blog i had a hope that i will get some solutions cause so many people have got experiences in knowing siddhas… but could you suggest some people who might help me!!
    And basically i am an engineering student and i have a great interest in archaeology.. our Tamil manuscripts had possessed many astonishing facts proved , before the foreign people. had said. and about speaking thirumoolar’s thirumanthiram, (heard from my dad) i had learnt many things abt what he had said abt human body, the food we intake and way of living.. … so, i need to know the origins .. so thats why i need some help. . so pls reply!!!!!


    dear sir,
    now i am recover from illness . can i start chant mantras.

  95. Dear KGR: Glad that you have completely recovered from your illness. As I pointed out in the email that I had sent you, it may have been coincidental with the mantra chanting and we cannot be sure whether mantra chanting was responsible for your illness.

    As I mentioned earlier, you should follow your heart. What do you feel? If you feel like chanting, then go ahead. If you don’t feel like chanting, then stop; it is fine too. Following your heart is very important in both spiritual and physical endeavors.

    All the best.

  96. Arjun Kumar,

    There are several books on the lives of Saiva Saints. You can explore the Kriya Yoga website store, if you are interested: . I am not associated with that website, so you need to ask them if you have any questions about the information on that site.


  97. Arjun Kumar says:

    Dear Desika,
    thank u so much.. for replying.. and thank u for the suggestion..

  98. You are very welcome, Arjun.


  99. Dear Arjun Kumar,

    Desika has a very good suggestion to go to website and check out their publications. I have been doing the lessons from since November of last year and have had many profound experiences and a remarkable quickening of my spiritual evolution. As a result, I decided that I wanted to know about Thirumoolar and the Siddha tradition and started ordering books from’s book list. One of them, Babaji and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition, you can order from the site Desika recommended. It is one of my favorites and has given me a deep appreciation and understanding of the Siddhas’ lives, philosophy and service to humanity. There are beautiful paintings of the 18 Siddhas too.



  100. sundaram says:

    dear guruji,

    i have read your articles and they are great beyond words.
    really spiritual interested persons like me it is most useful

    i am expecting more such articles in future also


  101. Palavesam says:

    Simply Superb,

    I am very lucky and blessed to read this article and experiences, I Thank each and every one of you for sharing your knowledge and experience. Eyes full of tears when I read this.
    I thank my wife for referring this page.

    Keep sharing your experices. Thanks, Nanri

    OM Na ma Si va ya ! Si va ya na ma

  102. sharath says:

    U just dreamt a inception… Third eye is not the one which you think it is. Don’t misguide people saying “My third eye split open…………red laser………… ” You will pay for it….

  103. @ Sundaram: Thank you. A correction — I am NOT a guru to anybody. So, please address me by my name.

    @ Palavesam: Thank you.

  104. Sharath,

    Inception is a very good movie. I enjoyed it and liked the “open ending” very much. 🙂

    Sorry that you are having such bad days, that you had to come here, vent your frustrations and threaten me. I hope that helped you to have some peace of mind.

    Your criticism of me “misguide”ing people is unfounded, as I am NOT a guide to anybody. Each to his own. If you don’t like, what I write in my blog and you don’t resonate with it, move on to something else you like. Nobody is forcing you to read this blog or any other.

    Peace and light to you.


  105. Soorya says:

    Dear Sharath – Well done. really i appreciate your interest for the society

    Dear Desika –

    your reply to Sharath is Ridiculous and proves that you are not spiritual. Your blog is guiding people to madness. Learning and practicing meditation through web site or books will definitely lead to confusion and psychological disorders.
    please try to find out how many have already gone mad because of your blog writings and you will definitely stop this blog after knowing that.
    with good will

  106. Hi Soorya:

    Again, I have not forced anybody to follow anything I say here. I never claimed to be an expert or guru and never claimed anything here to be a teaching. All I say in my blog is only my personal experience through my own practices. Follow your heart and never others. I have not judged you or Sharath or anybody else. You are judging me, nonetheless. These writings are coming out of my own experience and heart. If you want to read, fine. If you want to ignore, fine. Does not matter to me. Nothing given here is a teaching or anything like that. I don’t believe in one size fits all approach. Everybody is unique and they need to find their own path. I found mine and I stick with it. Even if everybody stops reading this blog, it is fine with me. I only follow my heart. Follow yours and don’t waste your precious time in attacking others.

    Whatever your agenda or motivation is behind your attack, may the peace and light be with you.



  107. Hi again Soorya:

    I really need to thank you for your comment. The answer that came out of me in reply to your comment made me realize that I was attached to this blog at some level and that answer helped me dissolve that residual attachment.

    Thank you.

    Peace and Light,


  108. Sharath says:

    Soorya: thanks for enlightening him, in what is about to get him.

    Desika: I am not attacking even in a least sense. and you think I have no job? or What? beware my brother, karma what we get by being preposterous will never leave us until we repent on it sincerely.
    May be you can take my words in a good sense. If you really believe in deeds.

    Siddham is not a simple thing, that we can put in words to make people understand….even siddhas failed to deliver what they know. (VVV) and we ended up worshiping stones…

    “natta kallai theivam endru naalu pushpaam saatriye, sootri vandhu mununuvendru sollum mandhiram ethada??? natta kalum pesumoo?? naathan ulirukayil. Suta satti satuvam kari soovai ariyumo??”- Sithar Sivavaakiyar

    even if u had ur experience, is not that simple to put it in words. Think about it my brother.

    Refering to your blog, I accept its interesting to read different and a flying experience. but its not about interesting people.

    • rain says:

      yes…rock made idols are only for concentration…the centre…the point…may be they did not want it to expose to all..because all were so restless and it was difficult to tackle them..they could not understand what is this moolam before them..whatever when started it was not for selfish purpose was done to appreciate things about what they had experienced but later on it was made into some other ..but its not easy for ordinary humanbeings to think about meditation..those who are having the cells make them understand what they are…because we had to cross so many birth before…what we did with purity in one of our birth instill us to do it we are strong enough we catch that point and we are weak we distract ourselves…simple matter…ok …now..may i try to understand what you have written…”chutta chatti chathuvam kari ariyumo?…my interpretation is “chutta chatti” means the “dead body”…”chattuvam” is water (charu, eechan), kari means fire..i may be wrong but what i realise is that one humanbody that glows with “Chivan kanal” (heat of sun) would understand what is what..which one is water and which one is fire…but the body that does not have this “chivakanal” can never understand the great truth Chivan…you see…great saints had written everything with “sootchumam”…hidden meaning…because they deliberately want us to reach them…when we understand this sootchumam they come to the conclusion that we are the one who can be operated because we listen to so many stories and so many things before us…we are blind …we are remaining here as ordinary humanbeings…but when we catch the meaning we learn to reach that place full of power…you observe temples unfortunately you dont these days have elephant before you in temples if you ever see then try to connect yourself with that divine science…then reach moolam and navagrahams….if you ever then it will force you to know more….still there are so many hidden meanings frozen…i give importance to hard labour of people and i search for heart full of purity.

  109. Hi Sharath,

    Thank you. It was very hard for me to put my inner experience in words and still may not have conveyed it well. That seems to be the reason why Soorya, you and possibly some others have completely misunderstood my intentions. As I wrote in the update, my intention was never to mislead anybody or to suggest using this article as a technique to get some experience. It was only to say that Siddhars like Thirumoolar are there to help us when we understand their teachings in proper light. That’s all.

    When great siddhars have failed in that expression, as you put it, how can I presume to have succeeded? That would be arrogant of me. And, you are right that misunderstanding leads to ill-formed rituals. I never meant that anybody should blindly worship Thirumoolar or other siddhars (and if they do so blindly, then that is their level of understanding and I cannot judge them). In my inner communication with him, he specifically instructed me to avoid “blind” idol worship of him, other siddhars and deities. When there is divine essence in everything and everywhere — even the stones, then what is worship? Who is worshipping whom? Problems occur when we don’t see the divine within ourselves and others, and think that the divine is only in some idol or other sages we hold in high esteem. That is utter duality and not oneness that Thirumoolar taught me.

    I am not worried about or afraid of karma, as my intentions were and are pure. I have never written anything on this site that was not true for me.

    I have said everything I have to say on this topic and I won’t respond to similar comments anymore, since people understand others only through their own filters and they are solely responsible for those filters.

    Thank you for your concern for me.


  110. Soorya says:

    Dear Desika

    I wrote to you with some concern and with no intension of attacking you.
    Apologize if it had created an upset in you.

    I too wish you ‘may the peace and light be with you”
    Om Namasivaya



  111. Hi Soorya,

    Your comment elicited a response from within that was expressed above, that’s all. There is no upset. In all my articles, I only try to reiterate independent mindedness and treading one’s own path without copying anyone else’s but maybe only deriving inspiration. One has to find the truth by one’s own efforts and I only express my truth. Point is that I cannot make everybody happy, it is impossible; no matter what I try to live my truth, and others need to live theirs. That’s what I was trying to say above.

    To me there is no difference between spirituality and materiality, since matter is condensed spirit — there is divinity in everything and everywhere. One only needs to see. I am grateful for your concern.


  112. ananthi ganesan says:

    Veetil yogiramsuratkumar photo muun annaya villaku etruvathu sarriya, please tell the suggestion.

    Ananthi Ganesan

  113. kandhan says:


    can this mantra be chanted by grihastaas?

    is there a fees for initiation?

    is it possible to get initiation in Chennai? the website doesnot have any address. only a contact email.

    tnx in advance

  114. @Ananthi: I am not good at reading Tamil, especially the transliterated version. So, I don’t understand what you meant in your comment.

    @Kandhan: Yes, it can be chanted by anyone including grihastas. You need to go the Siva Yoga website for details. There is not fees for the initiations into the techniques. Siva Yoga Satsangs happen in Chennai, India, and you should be able to get all information from the Siva Yoga website–just send them an email with your questions.


  115. Lakshman says:

    Ananthi : Yogi ramsurat kumar is great yogi and praying him will give you only good things and goodwill.It’s the teachings we shld follow rather than just lighting him.

    Dear Desika ,
    I am really happy to hear the divine things. But you should know tamil better to understand thirumoolar more. He is Mahaavatar babaji’s Guru ,(Thirumoolar -> Bogar ->Kalinganathar ->Babaji )Guruji to all these .They belong to the famous 18 siddhars ,where you can see them in every sivan temple in tamilnadu .Thirumoolar gave thirumanthiram (has 3000 songs) which speaks about life,soul,body,athma .He came to meet agasthya and learnt tamil and wrote all the great things and thirumanthiram is already translated in english worldwide .But whats the reason you are saying to translate in english.Please be clear to state your ideas. God is in the state of no mind.Your travel should be from mind to no mind stage and thats what thirumoolar had said all along his life , a great saint who has lived for more than 3000 years. Osho will help you understand more about the saints but dont stick to any preachings expect shivam ,the one and only god of eternal

    • rain says:

      yes i agree travel from mind to no mind means here “the silence” thats what i understand…because once you attain or observe the holy fire in you would never speak out…because you are enjoying each and every moment of that vision.

  116. Balagurunathan says:

    Anbe Sivam

    Its the spiritual life every human needs to live.Accept God and proceed with all trust and Confidence.when u believe yourself nothing is required.See god in each and every part of life.Nothing to argue and nothing to worry.We take nothing and bring nothing except blessing of God by the way of our life.All saints and Yogi are a great gift for us.Nothing wrong in practicing or trying out from person who says he has experienced some good vibrations.We humans are in a situation that , even if god comes and ask us to to do meditation or prayers we will never do.Instead if a actor says we will accept.There are few souls like desika who shares their experience .As he says if u wish do it , else leave it.There is no compulsion in this world.Live a life which u like.When we point on others there are rest 4 figures pointing us.

    Love is god…

    Seek god through love …

    Anbe Sivam


    • rain says:

      karma of people is the only reason for everything from top to bottom..anyone here want to get salvation from this earthly life if he or she says yes then that would mean they had seen get moksha one should learn how to thank that holy fire in front of us standing majestically with bright rays…he is not in temples, mosques or churches…all these places are for meditation..what they have made its not the matter for debate…leave them all with their karma..its upto them to make themselves to go on right path or wrong path…what can any mind do to reform them all…”Akamkaaram” the proudiness is also a karma that would lead everyone to a path one day…i heard visiting temples or holy shrine is like going to LKG…we have to strive hard to excel to reach the place full of spirutualism.

  117. S.MUTHUKRISHNAN says:

    Dear, Bandhu pranams just now gone through your article, which made us (friends) spellbound, we would like to know more of your experience with THIRUMOOLAR and KRIYA BABAJ., hope you can share this with us thtough the mail id., and we will be pleased if you can leave your address., so that we can come and meet you in person.,

  118. Murali says:

    Siddhar say “ulagam ellam kandu ariya oru karru porulai kanden ” anybody here can provide the explanation on this please ????? .If not understand what i say please ignore this or if you have same understanding with what i say than reply me through email provided.

    • rain says:

      i also watched this “karru porul” especially when i close my eyes…Poet subramanya bharathiyaar also wrote that “kaakai siraginile nantha laala..unthan kariya niram thontruthada nantha laala”…the actual meaning is the “glowing sun”..i wonder why could not anyone say it directly…what is the purpose of hiding anything? may be he did not want to tell it for some purpose may be selfish motives..i believe..but truth is truth…and we all humanbeings are full of sympathy for all when we see injustice and atrocity we make ourselves angry that too i think the holy fire is only operating indirectly…when i see this “karru porul” it actually stay for some time but with halo…brightness around..does that mean outside is still glowing inside is burnt out i mean the coal the exhausted one …because it was glowing for so many thousands of years purposefully to serve us all and he is full of kindness but at the same time observing our karma too…thats its duty…it is doing its job…can you tell me who had set up this “moolam” sun and nine planets ? so beautifully to operate our earth? As long as this “dear Chivan” is glowing our earth is also revolving ..u see the connection between both ..its amazing! the magnetic connection…we are also part of this arrangement…holding panchapootham inside…

  119. Stephen says:

    How can i believe this……?

    • Stephen: This was a very personal experience for me, so there was a “knowing.” Note that to have a “belief” you don’t need personal experience, just hearsay is enough. If I didn’t have this experience, I’d would be skeptical as well. However, yoga/tantra is experiential science and doesn’t require you to blindly believe in anything. It actually encourages healthy skepticism, open mindedness, experimentation and non-attachment to experience. It only expects your willingness to be a scientist in your own field of awareness (body/mind/spirit). Guru is the formless spirit, always within you, and can manifest in anyway depending on our level of readiness. That’s what this experience was for me. I hope that this helps.


  120. swarnamalyasri says:

    Why you have stopped with Thirumoolar? Try to contact others also.

    • rain says:

      thats good idea..there are so many

    • rain says:

      but the base or the root is very strong from where you get strong is true. our karma of past life only gives us such expereince.

  121. shankar says:

    if you are really a sithar. pls tell me, why my job was frequently changing.

    I really respect sithars. hope they will help me

  122. rain says:

    what i have gathered through intuition is that all the great humanbeings gone away from this world are still here only formless indeed but can operate anyone anytime as they wish..i had the experience too.. i am glad that you had the vision great sage Thirumoolar because everything sprouted from this holy land Tamilnadu…there are still so many sinners doing sin here that is not good for them…they are actually making the almighty to write the “karma” for them..i believe..i had vision of the very ancient vision of chivan (shiva) surprisingly the vision was through water not through fire…because chivan means fire but eechan means water…but he proved to me that he is both united that is fire and water…why would i think about him when the water was splashed on the water..the perfect figure..i understand now that Chivan is Chitthan the GREAT HOLY FIRE…

    • Arunkumar says:

      Eechan – Eesan. Eevathal Eesan (Giver). It also relates to Water as it comes down to Give us. But actuall ‘San/Chan’ doesnot relate to water in agarathi. Aaarumugam has lot of meanings. Five faces of SiVa denotes 5 sides of our brain. But they didnot cover spinal cord. So the Siddhars gave another vision of GOD MuRuGan (Ru denotes big Ra in tamil) with sixth side (Spine). MuRugu means twisted. Spine has three nerve paths (ida naadi, vala naadi, chuzhimunai naadi) in twisted fashion. Also Murugu (ru denotes small ra in tamil) means beautiful. Beauty actually comes from Spine (as it is the deliverer of ENERGY within the body from Mooladharam to rest all parts). Not only thies Shanmugam is a physical representation of organs that one need to now during YOGIC travel. Ramalinga Adigalar (Vallalar) tells there are 4 physical organs with 6 petals. One of then is our Thirid eye. Third Eye is the actual connection of our Pineal Gland inside our brain to our center four head. That is why Kacchippa Sivachariar mentioned that Murguga Born out of Siva’s third eye flame. (Infact Muruga is birth/death less). But it just represents the Yogical meaning. When you see the Original Sanskrit Skandhapuran, the author narrates that Skandha born out of Siva’s Sperm and Sakthi’s egg. Indhira carried the mixture and handed over to 6 Ladies. This story is a real absurd. It is ONLY GOD who sent Kacchiappa Sivachariar to rectify the story in tamil with Yogical meaning.
      But your experience of vibration in Water should be true to your soul’s karma, may it be water or fire or other 3 elements. It is the LOVE of GOD which picks you up in what ever mode and what ever fashion.
      Unfortunately, other souls are still ignorant to feel your experience.

  123. rain says:

    i am sorry the water was splashed on the wall to show me the figure “kanakachapai”…when i write “eechan” means water u agree? because “chan” here is water…is it not..thats why also say “chanmukan”…who is chanmukan? dont u realise that he is the SUN..who is sending us “maari”…the rain or water…the ocean..if someone say that “chanmukan” was once a great siddhar …then i want to tell that who is great siddhar than the great holy fire SUN? dont you know that “chithai” in tamil is fire…this is ancient or old tamil name so “chittar” means fire…and those who found or realised this fire in them are called “chittar” on earth…”CHIVANKANAL”…i have not attained this kanal in me so far but hope to get it someday but some say that after receiving or understanding this kind of fire you would never like to die..keep on staying on earth…i hate this ..because i dont want to be on this earth with humans…i found them always doing this and that to gain for their own selfish comfort life…i am confused whether i should continue to get this “kanal” on earth…i want to reach the sky and be there…the isolated region where you are the master of your mind and there would be no poisonous minds nearby to distract you or disturb you…dont you agree? i would request my favorite sage may be one another i may attach with me there are so many still blessing to offer me that “kanal” and send me to divine sky full of purity…no clash nothing…only i can enjoy the serene atmosphere with holy fire and rain…each particle would tell me they are also happy being there…

  124. Arunkumar says:

    Hi Desika,
    I understand your feelings and your thoughts to share your experience with others.
    There are 2 songs from Kandhar Anubhoothi
    “Sevvaan uruvil thigal velavan andru
    Ovvaadhadhena unarviththadhu thaan..

    “Thannanthani nindradhu thaan ariya
    Innum oruvarku isaivippathuvo..”
    Both songs say that what ever we experience can not be explained to others. As others may get a different experience..GOD is one but he appears in diferent forms and names accross the geography. People in the west doesnot know who is Siva.
    Similarly…you got the guru Thirumoolar. But other people will get different guru.. it all depends on our karma..
    But I really appreciate/obey your LOVE to share it with others for motivating. You met Thirumoolar because of your LOVE (more than yogic practice). He is the one who said ‘AnbuSivam irandenbar arivilaar..’.
    I just wanted to correct one thing here..51 syllable manthra,, The manthra you said is just 25 + Om (Na Ma Si Va Ya… combinations). The 51 syllable pointed by Thirumoolar is the number of tamil letters in older days (before tholkappiar). The song is “Odhum ezhuthodu uyir kalai mooovaindhu
    Aadhi exhuthavai aimbathodu ondrenbar….”

  125. Arunkumar says:

    I wanted to write a separate Blog for Sivan. Sivan should not be considered as Siddha..But Sivan is the TARGET for all Siddhas. In tamil, we call GOD as iraivan, kadavul. In sanskrit we call him as Bhagavan. They are all general words to refer GOD. But if you analyse the meaning, you will find that it will denote SiVa.
    iRaivan – in tamil iRuththapattavan. iRuthu – tighten. iRaivan means a person who has a substance by tightening it. GOD is the promoter of Energy and we are just transfering it. So GOD has all ENERGY within himself and GOD is the Source of ENERGY. That is why Siddhas (tamil) termed him as iRaivan to denote that GOD has ENERGY(abundant) with him always in tightened form and releases it when ever necessary. They gave female figure for this ENERGY and named as Satthi in Tamil (Sakthi in sanskrit)
    KadaVul – GOD is omnipresent he resides apart from us and also within us. Kadanthum Ullum iruppavan, so KadaVul.
    Bhagavan – Sanskrit does not have a root word for Bhagavan. But the root is present in ‘Pagavan’ of Tamil. You can see First Thirukkural ‘Aadhi Pagavan’. Only Materials have begining and End, not the GOD or Soul. So all these material world (including our material body) has begning (Aadhi) and End (andham). All matters are generated out of ENERGY. So Aadhi denotes ENERGY as well. But ENERGY source is GOD. So Siddhas depicted GOD&ENERGY togather in the form of Ardhanaarisavara (Maadhor kooran, umai pangan, mangai paagan). This means literally ENERGY is half of GOD and GOD’s half is ENERGY. that is why Thiruvalluvar used the term ‘Aadhi Pagavan’ (half of ENERGY)
    SiVan – to explan this term we need to understand what is Na Ma Si Va Ya
    Na – Nadappu / Action (Thirumoolar says Thirodhana sakthi which is responsible for doing actions)
    Ma – MaRaippu/ignorance (By ignorance we are attracted towards the material world instead of the creator GOD)
    Si – Sirappu / Special . This is the best of BEST, GOD. It is the SOURCE of everything. Thirumoolar denotes it as SiVa itself
    Va – Varappu/Vanappu/that which comes from GOD. GOD gives us ENERGY (Sakthi). In otherwords that which comes (varuthal) from GOD is ENERGY. But when you analyse it, you will find the beauty of how the Energy is transformed when it reaches you (from MACRO to MICRO level). This transformation Beauty is Vanappu.
    Ya – Yaappu/Body (Our Soul is covered by a Body called Yaakai in tamil)

    We have five different levels for this Aindhezhuthu (Panchakshara)
    Na Ma Si Va Ya – Level of Worldy attached Souls
    Si Va Ya Na Ma – Level of Godly attached Souls with some attachments to Wold
    Si Va Ya Si Va – Level of Pure Souls attached only to GOD. Example are the Siddhars who still live in material body
    Si Va – Level of Souls attached to GOD without a Body, But experiences GOD via ENERGY (Va)
    Si – Merged/Attached with GOD only (but never become GOD).

    From this Ainthezhuthu, our siddhars framed the word SiVa. Si – Source of ENERGY (light), Va – ENERGY (Arul,Satthi,Ambigai.Gnanam)

    So all terms that used to denote GOD always denote SiVa.

    Please read ‘Sivagnana Bodham’ under your GURU’s guidance to understand the properties of GOD

  126. a.g.balasubramaniam says:

    Dear All,

    I read thro the arguments and counter arguments, In this world no one is perfect, all seek divine help when in need, Where is god, He is within us
    our Inner conscious is the god, I also wish to narrate a incident which happned to me may be 7 or 8 years ago, I was depressed and was not in my own sense, due to some family issues, One day I was sitting and thinking and all of a sudden I intense light small as a needle point so bright entered into me and It energized me I felt so happy and I wanted to dance sing, jump , scream with joy. It was a experience that you could experience and not explain. . after few months once I received such a light not so bright but it still went thro me.

    I felt that as I did not have formal training in yoga or meditation I was not able to retain the light within me, perhaps If I did It would be ????
    can some one explain what this and why.

    I totally surrender myself to Lord Muruga and he guides me always, Once I was hunting for a guru and he told me that I should not look for any and that he would come as guru to me at the right time, I still wait for that time,

    Miracles have happened in my life


    • Arunkumar Chinnadurai says:

      Bala, ‘Patharaai panivaargal ellarkkum adiyen’. I bow to Murugan Adiyar (You). Me too a Murugan Adiyar (Aarumuga Sivan adimai). You got because of your good deeds in the previous births. ‘Palloozhi Kaazham Payindru aranai Archikka Nalloozh siridhe nagum’. The sorrows in your life were just ‘passing by re-actions’ of your ‘Actions’. Pamban Swamigal waited for a word from Murugan. You too are waiting…definitely good things to expect in future. Only He knows everything..
      You are correct. Spiritual experiences are personal. Arunagirinathar said the same in Kandhar Anubhoothi ‘Thannanthani nindradhu thaan ariya, innum oruvarkku isaivippadhuvo…’. The external light you saw is for you to interpret or identify the divinity.
      But still, according to Sivagnana Bodham, the GOD (his sithsatthi) travells along with the UYIR in our SPINE (Suzhimuai Naadi) and imparts knowledge every time/moment. This internal light (GOD) is termed as MURUGAN (Kumaran – Kum + Aran, Kuzhanthai Aran). The external Light which runs this universe is SiVan (Si – Source of Energy/Light, Va – Energy which comes from Source Si)..Yet, both are same. This all are the explanations found accross Thirukkural, Thiruvasagam, Thevaaram, Thiruppugal, Kandhar Anuboothi….. None of them say their experiences. Experiences are personal

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