Breathe Like Your Baby Depends On It!

Recently, my friend Anmol Mehta posted the article, How to Make a Baby the Right Way- With Illustrations! on his blog. He talked about his own experiences in having children using the Vedic mantrAs (See sanskrit transliteration scheme). Check it out! It is a very informative article written in a humorous tone.

That made me think, if there are any additional techniques that could help ensure the results the way a couple want. We are different people with different attitudes towards life. Therefore, different techniques are given in the SAstrAs (means “scientific documents” in sanskrit). I have been studying and contemplating on siddhar tirumUlar‘s tirumandiram for a while, off and on. The verses are difficult to understand in a simple read, since they have many layers to them. Naturally, with this question, I turned to it for guidance.

Every yOga practitioner knows that prAnAyAma (or breath control or life-force control via breath) improves one’s physical, mental and spiritual health and propels one towards enlightenment. How can this spiritual discipline help the society? Siddhar tirumUlar revealed techniques to have healthy and extraordinary progeny through the proper use of prAnAyAma, before, during and after sexual union, so that the society is populated with extraordinary individuals.

I refer to and quote from a translation of tirumandiram by Dr. D. Natarajan and M. Govindan, in the following discussion.

Determining the Sex of the Baby

Siddhar tirumUlar says the following in Tantra Two—agastyam, Chapter 14, in verse 478,

Gender Determined at Union

The masculine flow dominates, the infant is male born,
The feminine dominates, the infant is female born.

Using present day scientific notation we can interpret the above verse as follows: A man’s sperm is of two types, some containing ‘X’ chromosomes, and some containing ‘Y’ chromosomes, and a Woman’s ova always contain ‘X’ chromosomes. Therefore, a man determines the sex of the baby. Siddhar tirumUlar says that if a sperm with dominance of ‘Y’ chromosomes (the masculine flow) enters the ovum, then a male child will be born and if a sperm with a dominance of ‘X’ chromosomes (the feminine flow) enters the ovum, the a female child will be born.

He, then, says the following in Tantra Two—agastyam, Chapter 14, in verse 482,

Breathing at Union Determines Gender

If breath flows leading on nostril right,
The infant born will a male be;
If on the nostril left,
A female will be born.

This verse suggests that if, in the male partner, the prAna or life-force force is through the right nostril (or pingaLa nADi on the right side of the central channel), then a male child will be born. If the prAna flows in the left nostril (or ida nADi on the left side of the central channel), then a female child will be born.

Now, putting together these two verses we can conclude that man’s breathing pattern determines the sex of the baby. Breathing pattern (which nostril is dominant) determines the winning sperm—whether sperm with ‘X’ chromosomes dominates or that with ‘Y’. The winning sperm fertilizes the ovum to become male or female child.

Determining the Life-Span of the Baby

Siddhar tirumUlar sings the following in Tantra Two—agastyam, Chapter 14, in verse 479,

If after emission,
The male’s breath five finger-length extends,
The infant born lives a hundred years;
When breath to four finger measure stretches,
To age eighty the infant lives;
The Yogi who knows the science of breath control
If in sex act He indulges,
He, the vital flow, according regulates.

This verse talks about the duration of inhalation and exhalation by man, after emission and how it affects the life-span of the new born. If the man’s inhalation (or exhalation) take 5 seconds, then the new born will live to be 100 years (this is also a blessing given in Hindu tradition, “To live for 100 years.”). If the man’s breath takes 4 seconds, then the baby born will live to be only 80 years of age. So, a yOgi who perfected prAnAyAma can regulate the prAna to have a progeny that he wants.

How a Handsome Baby is Born

In Tantra Two—agastyam, Chapter 14, in verse 483, he further talks about a way to obtain a exceedingly handsome baby.

If in Male and Female breath runs
In measure equable,
The infant born will exceeding handsome be;
When in both breath rhythm falters,
No conception will there be.

In this verse, we should interpret “exceeding handsome” as, “extraordinary in physical and mental abilities.” Siddar says that if breath rhythm (duration of inhalation and exhalation) in both man and woman is near equal, then extraordinary children are born. However, “if the breath rhythm falters,” meaning “prAna is not circulating well” then there will be no conception.

Siddhar tirumUlar further discusses how the baby is taken care of in the womb, reasons for birth defects and diseases, but they will be discussed in a later article.


From these verses we can gather the following conclusions:

  • Destiny is what we make of it. If you want particular type of children it is up to you to have them. You cannot shape their spiritual self (it is up to them to do that after they are born), but you can create a prefect physical vessel into which they can incarnate, grow and move towards their spiritual goals. As parents, this is the least we could do for our children.
  • Breath control or prAnAyAma has more benefits than usually known.
  • Even if you to practice prAnAyAma and become perfect at it just to conceive a child of your choice, it will also propel you towards your inner self—your enlightenment. So, the practice has multiple benefits.
  • My wife and I will be using these techniques when we decide to have our second child. Our first child turned out to be extraordinary as well. 🙂

13 Responses

  1. Interesting use of breath. Thanks for the article.

  2. Thanks for your positive comment Patricia. I am happy that it was of interest.

  3. Hari says:

    Well what about the case when first a boy is born then a girl is born or vice versa? The father’s breathing pattern doesn’t change in the course of a few years does it?

  4. Hari,

    Thanks for your thought provoking question.

    Actually, our breath pattern changes based on our mental state. When you are calm your breath is deep and slow, and when you are stressed your breathing is shallow and rapid. If you consciously take a few deep breaths, say with a 5 second in-breath followed by a 5 second out-breath rhythm, when you are stressed, you immediately calm down.

    Also, the dominant pathway through our nostrils alternates about every 90 minutes. This alternation makes the dominance of your right and left brain hemispheres alternate. If you are conscious of these alternations, you can take advantage of these events to enhance your creativity.

    The techniques given above by Thirumoolar are for a man/woman who is conscious of his/her every activity. A yogi is all about living consciously–even his breathing is a conscious act full of awareness. Even the act of having a child becomes a conscious act.


  5. kandhan says:

    I have had a Tirumandiram book(Venkataraman) for ten years now although I read it only occassionally and superficially. Recently my interest was rekindled. And it has led me here. I am amazed that Tirumandiram has verses dedicated these topics too. Its a revelation. Thanks. As to your explanation of first verse I think male and female should be interpreted as Pingala and Ida and not as male and female. That is, if union occurs when breath flows through Pingala then male progeny results. But you are more knowledgeable. Is there reference anywhere which equates pingala with male and ida with female? It is maybe that when breath flows thorugh pingala the sperms with Y chromosomes have more success in penentrating the ovum. Do you have a blog on Tirumandiram? If not, are you planning to?

  6. Hi Kandhan,

    Thanks for your explanation.

    Since Thirumandiram is written in sandhyAbhAsha (Twilight Language or Coded/Veiled language), we derive a different meaning at different times depending on the state of expansion of our consciousness. It is said that Thirumandiram has 3000 years worth of wisdom codified in it. So, there is no wonder it discusses fertility and other aspects of life. Please also note that Thirumoolar was also into medicine and kAya siddhi (Perfection of The Human Body).

    I also read it as and when I am prompted to inwardly. I am not by any means more knowledgeable than you are.

    When I wrote this article, I specifically searched for the topic because I was inspired by Anmol Mehta’s article that I cited above.

    Because of the very nature of the Thirumandiram as different meanings are revealed at different times, I have no intention of writing any blog on it. It is for each of us to dive deeper into Thirumandiram or any other scripture and arrive at our own understanding and truth. That is why I stopped writing about versus from Thirumandiram after this article.


  7. dr jp blore says:

    it is a good knowledge that we understood, breathing is very important fr sustinance of life, i have seen meditators , with slim body, calm mind , living with out any major illness.
    it is sadana which needs tobe done regularly.

    regarding baby getting born with particular breathing, also very interesting .

  8. dr jp blore,

    Thanks for your comment.

  9. baby planner says:

    Very helpful post man, thanks for the info.

  10. Ayurveda says:

    This is really interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. I’ve joined your rss feed and look ahead to searching for extra of your great post. Additionally, I have shared your site in my social networks

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