Is This Kundalini?

Experiences I will share here what I consider to be my first (clear) indication of Kundalini Experience. Though I may have had indirect indications like astral travel (which I will sharer later), I think this was the first clear indication. Below I quote verbatim, my experience as I extracted from my journal, save for some editorial spelling and grammar corrections. I am using the same title for this blog article as I did for my journal entry, though I now know the answer to my own question.

June 2004—Friday—06/11/2004—Issaquah—Is this Kundalini?

I understand that anyone who reading this is probably going to laugh at me for giving my journal entry this title. But, I can’t help it—the experience I had today was that profound—well, to me anyway. I don’t know, if today is significant or not, but it sure feels that way. I can’t rest until I write this down.

I was meditating, as I have been off and on for the past year, and everyday for the past month. I have also been doing Hatha yoga for the past year or so, but only twice or thrice a week.

For the past two days or so I have been meditating on the heart chakra, since I read in the literature that it is the safest chakra to meditate upon, because it forms a bridge between the upper and lower chakras. Moreover, it is known as the seat of the soul. I have been feeling pressure and pain in the heart chakra area from one of my sessions of yoga nidra about a couple of weeks ago. I have also been feeling fluttering in the brow chakra almost throughout the day. Pressure and heaviness on the top of my head that I have had for more than a year—I think it is more time than that—intensified a couple of days ago. But, I digress.

Coming to my meditation today, I started meditating at 9 pm as I have been doing almost everyday for the past month. I did mantra meditation using the Gayatri mantra that was given to me when I had my upanayanamsiddha yOni Asana and performed regular deep breathing, followed by Ujjayi breath, followed by anulOma-vilOma (Alternate Nasal Breathing) as I always did before the meditation session. I placed my right hand where my heart chakra is located. By the way, I never meditated for more than half an hour in any given session. I started mentally chanting the Gayatri mantra and focused on the region under my right hand. After five minutes into this, some feelings and vibrations started come up and forced me to open my mouth as if to yawn. Five minutes more into this, I found myself in a deeper state. Suddenly, I felt a flower open up in my chest and there was a very bright white egg shaped pearl in it. The petals of the flower, then, started flickering as if to hide the pearl. After a few seconds, the pearl slowly faded into gray and then to black as the flower closed. At the time the flower closed, there appeared the stem of the flower standing vertically upright–maybe it was just a tube. Suddenly there was movement inside the tube and a cobra came out of the top end looking at me. I, now, saw that the tube was inside me and that the cobra was going toward my head. At this time I started feeling this strong movement at the base of my spine. The cobra in my vision was going towards my head. The movement in my spine was now strong and moved up and reached the region midway between my perineum and naval. The cobra in my vision now reached my head and I saw my head blended with that of the cobra; its hood covered the top of my skull and its eyes became mine. The stirring in my spine now reached the naval region and it felt like a vertical rod extending from the tail bone to the naval. At this point, I lost sense of the rest of my body—only thing I felt was the rod in my spine trying to extend further up and the cobra in my vision blending with my face. The cobra did not seem threatening at all. But, a fear crept upon me—what if something happened to me? Revathi and Sudarshan are visiting India and I am alone here. If something happened to me, then there would be nobody to enquire about me. With this fear creeping upon me, I relaxed and slowly opened my eyes. My vision went away; the rod in my spine went down shrinking, but very slowly. It’s been three hours since this happened, I still feel a rod about two inches long trying to push up and extend in my spine. Is this Kundalini?

I think, now I have prompted an awakening process, but I don’t think this is spontaneous by any means as Gopi Krishna says in his book, Living with Kundalini. I don’t think that his was a spontaneous awakening. I believe that he did not noticed the initial symptoms leading to the final awakening. I am feeling a bit dizzy now—I will talk about this in my next installment of this journal.

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  1. What a wonderful meditation experience. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Hi Patricia,

    Thanks for visiting. I appreciate your comment. You had a typo in your URL, when you submitted your comment. I corrected it.