A Higher Dimensional Perspective on Earth Changes

All the information we have about earth changes is from a three dimensional physical (3D) perspective. In this article, I give a different perspective from a spiritual angle. Why do we think that we can save the planet? Can we really save the planet? Who is actually in peril? What can we do? Can the environmental movements work?

Interacting Galaxies
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Many of us have jumped on the bandwagon of saving our planet earth. Everybody talks about how planet earth will be destroyed, if we don’t save her, and that it is our prerogative to save her. This has become another religious movement. As you all know, in a religious movement people talk about saving the culture, morals, ethics, etc. The unexpressed feeling in a religious movement is that if they don’t do that the gods concerned either become wrathful or the religion becomes extinct. Is that really true? Can we humans with limited understanding of how this enormous creation works, save the creator itself? Mother earth provides sustenance for all life on earth by closely working with the Sun. This is the reason why earth and sun are treated as deities or gods in ancient cultures.

Control is Conflict

One thing I am sure of is that we humans are capable of pushing our mother earth to finally loose her patience and start to protect herself. With our ignorance and arrogance, we separated ourselves from the entire creation which is God(dess)—we created “us” and “Him (or Her).” This duality we created has crept into everything we did and are doing. What started as harnessing the power of nature to benefit humanity has now culminated into controlling the nature itself. We forget that we are but a minuscule strand in the cosmic web of this creation. Whatever we do to control the nature will affect us badly. What goes around, comes around. “Control” by its very nature is “conflict.” We see this especially in our human relationships. When you try to control your spouse or children, first thing that arises is conflict and resistance. We are already seeing this resistance from mother earth. For centuries (especially, in the last century), we wrecked havoc on the planet through technologies—for digging for fossil fuels, nuclear energy and weapons to name a few—that were mainly aimed at destruction in the name of protecting the humanity. Our wish to control the very nature is causing this conflict.

We fear lest we become extinct

What prompts us to think we can protect the earth now? It is the “fear.” It is not the fear that earth will get destroyed. Deep down we know that earth has survived for billions of years and will survive for billions of years more. We fear for our own survival. We don’t want to admit it because of our enormous egos—egos that want to control the very universe that we are part of. Instead we claim that we are working toward protecting the earth. We fear because we know that earth has the ability to eliminate the parasites that negatively affect her, just the way our own immune system works. What happens when our immune system fires up to fight the invaders? Body temperature rises because a lot of energy is expended in fighting those germs and is released as heat. Body secretes mucus trying to detoxify itself of the germs. If the germs surrender and leave the body or become dormant, the body may return to normalcy quickly. If we look at the earth as an enormous body that houses its consciousness, and apply the same logic as above, we will realize that she will increase her temperature, release a lot of mucus (volcanic eruptions spewing out lava, ocean levels raising, floods, storms, etc.) and wind, and try to eliminate the disease causing germs—in her case it is us humans. Deep down all of you know this and see it already happening. However, you want to wait for some conclusive proof from some “material” scientists. Ask yourself and contemplate on this. You will realize this yourself. The problem so far (only for us and not for earth) is that most humans don’t consider earth to be conscious and intelligent.

A higher dimensional perspective on what is happening

A 3D perspective on earth changes is given in Al Gore’s documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth. In this section, I will give a higher dimensional perspective as I see and understand it.

Just the way humans are evolving, planets (including our earth) and stars are also evolving towards that One Source. As we move into light and subsequently evolve further (in this eternal drama), we become stars, as the boy Dhruva (pronounced dhruva) showed by becoming a star—Dhruva Nakshatra (pronounced, dhruva nakshatra) or Polestar. His story depicts that possibilities exist for us to evolve in one lifetime, eliminating many incarnations.

In Hindu Puranas (pronounced, purANAs), it is said that whenever burden on mother earth increased (as it has happened before and is happening now, caused by us humans) she calls for help from Lord Vishnu (pronounced, vishnu) the protector aspect of the creator. When this happens the essence of Lord Vishnu incarnates on earth to take care of the situation. Note that Vishnu is a symbolism for the entire creation. What is making the situation on earth worse day by day? Our collective ego and greed that is causing a lot of negativity and darkness to be accumulated in the earth’s astral plane. This is causing a slowdown in earth’s evolutionary rate. When this happens mother earth petitions to the universe (Lord Vishnu) for help in putting her evolution back on track. It is believed that the time has again come for a clean up of the accumulated darkness in her astral plane.

It is believed that at the end of Kali Yuga (the present age of darkness and ignorance, aka, Iron Age), Vishnu’s essence will again incarnate on earth to set things right. I don’t believe that it is a person, but it is a wave of higher consciousness that sweeps through earth by way increased prana (pronounced, prANa) or light entering earth’s astral body. As more of this light comes in, at the physical level it will look like earth is being bombarded by more solar radiation. However, visible sunlight itself is a small part, and the prana (visible only to the subtle senses) constitutes the major part of it.

What will happen to earth and us?

As more of this light/prana bombards the earth (which I think is already happening), there will be a lot of upheaval and restructuring. I believe this restructuring happens at multiple levels from changes in the astral plane to geological changes which in turn affect the human body and psyche, and in turn the human society. These changes come as rising of oceanic levels, submerging of the existing lands or rising of new lands, polarity shift in earth’s magnetic field, and changes to its vibrational frequency and strength occurs. That is earth’s vibrational frequency starts increasing and her awareness starts moving further into the zone of light. This affects everything that is dependent on earth for sustenance, obviously, including us.

What will be the effect on us? When earth’s vibrational frequency increases, anything that is not vibrating at a similar frequency will perish. When our bodies and brains get bombarded by the increased light and prana, a swift cleansing process, very similar to that of the earth, starts. All suppressed psychological and physiological debris starts to surface at once, driving many insane and/or toward violence. This can already be seen on the planet as wars, famine, genocide and every atrocity conceivable to man. On the flip side, this increased pranic activity is also causing many people (mostly in the western countries where more people have achieved all material comforts) to question their existence, and want to know their life purpose, to embark on inner spiritual journey. This is evidenced by the emergence of websites like this one dedicated to spiritual matters and also a surge in guru-business on the planet.

As the pranic activity increases, those who are already on a spiritual path, to increase their vibratory frequency, will find it easier for them to progress on their spiritual path at a quicker pace. Those who have already cleansed the physical and emotional bodies will be the least affected, and will be able to help others in their evolution. These people are referred to as light-bearers or light-workers.

At the level of the society, this increased pranic activity may have devastating affects on the current financial, healthcare, educational systems and may shake up the very foundations of the society founded upon greed. We are already seeing this trend in financial and housing markets. Eventually (and hopefully) they will be replaced by more balanced systems that work in unison with nature. For example, educational systems may be more holistic with emphasis on meditation, reflection, self-discovery, and individual’s passion. You can see this already with some of the experimental schools which use art and design in an integrated curriculum.

How do we protect ourselves?

Can we stop mother earth from trying to heal herself by getting rid of us? We cannot stop or distract her from her evolutionary path. Only thing we can do is to protect ourselves by deciding to evolve ourselves and moving into light and be enlightened, thus increasing our vibratory rate.

Can the environmental movements help? I believe that as long as these movements are external to each of us and eventually start to become greed-based, they will not work. Only way in which we can save ourselves is by working with and on our own “Self” first. Let me explain further what I mean by this.

Live from the heart. As long as we want to change others without actually changing our own level of awareness, whatever we do will not be successful. We need to change the way we live. We should start living from the heart rather than through rational thinking and logic which is what got us into trouble in the first place. Rational thinking and logic have their place in life, but thinking without the heart cannot achieve a long-term positive result. Therefore, we all need start living from the heart. When you do this all the environmental movements will become grassroots movements and will be self-sustaining, and cannot be monopolized by any single organization.

As within, so without. If each of us change the way we live keeping in mind not to cause harm to ourselves and our environment, and increase our vibrational frequency towards that of light/prana, then we don’t need to change anybody else. Whatever earth changes are going on, we will just be fine with them. As within, so without. There is tremendous urgency for us to move into the zone of light, if we need to survive as a race and live on this earth peacefully in the upcoming age of abundance (some call it the “Golden Age”).

A collective dream. The world that we are currently experiencing is a collective dream or collective inner experience of all the people on the planet. A few powerful dreamers have created the dream of abundance for themselves, and rest have created (and are still creating) a dream of lack based on the false belief that riches are only for a select few and a limited view of the abundant nature of the universe. If we all dream collectively of a golden age, it will manifest. In India, this golden age is known as Rama Rajya (pronounced, rAma rAjya) or the Kingdom of Rama where there is no poverty, and everything is available for everyone in abundance. However, this can only manifest by our powerful, collective dreaming. In recent times, people have been using the “Law of Attraction” in a limited way, e.g., either to make some extra money or get a job they wanted. You don’t have to limit yourself to small things like this. Great and seemingly impossible goals, like establishing golden age, can be achieved though powerful dreaming. We have real life evidence for this. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King (MLK) Jr., and Nelson Mandela dreamed big, and they fed their big dreams into the collective mind of their respective countries to become powerful collective dreams which then manifested into reality. Why don’t we all dream big of a golden age!

Spiritual Practices. Spiritual practices with emphasis on inwardness, self-mastery, independent-mindedness are the key. Any practice that binds you to an organization, to an individual or otherwise restricts your freedom will not help you. The goal of all spiritual practices is to set you free, so binding yourself to an individual, organization or an idea will take you in the opposite direction.

What are your views on this subject?

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Blog Carnival Participation

Appeared in the Carnival of Creative Growth #23 blog carnival hosted by Lexi Sundell — Energies of Creation. I am very grateful to Lexi who picked up this article and gave it a special place in her blog carnival, without my even submitting it. Thanks again, Lexi.

16 Responses

  1. So much great information, Desika!

    I would love to see this broken into sub-topics and perhaps developed/explored in a series of articles. I may have to re-read this several times to glean all the wealth from it.

    I particularly like your definition or description of the origin of the term Lightworkers — it’s something you hear so often on its own without this context…

  2. Hi Slade,

    Thank you very much for your appreciation. I agree that this requires more exploration. As I was writing this I felt that there is more to say. The topic of “Lightworkers” itself could be explored in more depth. I will look for ways of exploring the topic further.

    Again, thank you for your tips in improving my blog and my writing.


  3. Desika, I liked the way you tied this all together. In the middle I was wondering where you were going with it, but you brought it home well. It was interesting to me to consider that many of those in the “green movement” may actually be fighting for control.

    I especially enjoyed your close. “Any practice that binds you to an organization, to an individual or otherwise restricts your freedom will not help you. The goal of all spiritual practices is to set you free, so binding yourself to an individual, organization or an idea will take you in the opposite direction.”

    There are those who are so tied to a cause that their own freedom does get restricted as a result of that fervor. Don’t you think?

  4. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the comment and appreciation.

    I agree with you about the curtailed freedom of those that are so fervently attached to the “causes created by others.” This is very apparent in guru-business these days. They just loose track of their own inner master. I wrote briefly about this in,
    9 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Way to Enlightenment
    . The mistakes cited in that article can be seen not just in spiritual movements, but in other fields as well.


  5. Desika,

    This is something I’ve been pondering for quite some time. Many of us are indeed changing out of fear of our own survival. I’m changing out of hope for a better future, one does not involve the suffering that can be avoided. I’ve shifted my thoughts or intentions on global-warning to global-balance. Thank you for sharing this with me. =)

  6. What a wonderful article! These are truths not often spoken!

  7. To Jonathan: Thank you for a very thoughtful comment. I really like the term, “Global Balance” that you coined. If everybody shifts their outlook, then the collective reality will quickly change. Thanks again.

    To Lexi: Thank you very much for your appreciation and adding this article to the carnival you hosted without even my submitting.

    It feels great to know that what I have to share is much appreciated.

    Thanks again,

  8. Matthew says:

    The cynic inside me says “I have seen the future of Earth, and it ends in a Red Giant”. The optimist inside of me says “Make changes for the better while you’re on this planet”. I agree with them both.

  9. Hi Mathew,

    I agree with you. Our mother earth is on her evolutionary path to become a star and so on and on, in this infinite journey. So are we. We need to make changes and accelerate our evolution to become stars ourselves. If not we will be reincarnated elsewhere with the current earth conditions, so we continue our evolution there. So, whatever we choose is fine. It is our choice to make, because we have “free will.”

    Thanks for your insightful comment.


  10. Mobile PC says:

    I think that during my life Earth won’t change

  11. Mobile PC,

    Earth is constantly changing and as do the organisms living on her.


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