Why Enlightenment?

Why should you go for enlightenment? Should you even go for enlightenment? Enlightenment is only the first step in our evolution. It is not the evolution that scientists talk about—one species mutating into another. It is the evolution of human consciousness to become its source. It is part of our journey whether we want it or not. It is inevitable. Enlightenment is nothing esoteric as you are made to believe. It is only one of the steps in self-discovery. It follows a very scientific process. Read on…

Self-Mastery, Enlightenment, and Ascension

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This is the second part of the article series on Self-mastery and enlightenment. This article evolved from an answer I gave to the question, “Why should we go for enlightenment?” asked by one of the commentators on the article Self-Mastery and Enlightenment Demystified.

Sound body obstructs the inner light

As seen from the model put forward in the article, we are multidimensional beings having physical, sound, and light bodies. In the present age, our awareness is mostly in the physical and sound bodies. In the developed world, awareness of the majority of the population is mostly in the sound body, since physical survival is mostly taken care of. Because of this we are caught up in the emotional dramas that occur in our lives, be it with our families, friends, coworkers, or even strangers. Unclear emotional body prevents the inner light from fully expressing through the physical body.


The word enlightenment or en-light-enment means, “to live in light” or “to be (in) light”. This means that when our awareness completely moves into the zone of light, we are not caught up in the emotional dramas of the earth and live effortlessly. Thus, effortless living becomes possible because the inner light of your higher self starts expressing through the personality (body+mind, which is the ego). Moving completely into light zone is possible only when your sound bodies are completely clear or mostly clear. Sound bodies become completely clear only when you detach from all your emotions and emotional bonds, and see them for what they are. This does not mean that you don’t emote at all. As long as you assume an identity to function in the outer world, you will experience emotions. However, being in light you will be able to see them for what they are and not get caught in the emotional drama.

Only the first step

Enlightenment is only the first step in our evolution. As I described in Part-1 of this article series, zone of light spans a very large range of frequencies. The deeper you move into this zone of light, the more you are in touch with your higher self. Inner light is always there. It is not something new to be acquired. It is just that what you think of as “you” needs to realize that it is coming from the light of your higher self. It’s goal is to become aware of all the emotional drama and move into the inner light of its source. Who you truly are, is the higher self or brahman or The Void. This Void is also known as, “Eternal Stillness” or “Eternal Silence.” As your awareness shifts into light, cells of your body also increase their vibratory frequency.

If the term enlightenment sounds very esoteric, then use a different term you are comfortable with. Names don’t mean anything. That said, enlightenment is nothing esoteric as you are made to believe. It is only one of the steps in self-discovery. It follows a very scientific process.

Don’t ask, “Why?” but ask, “When?”

It is not the question of “Why?” but “When?” It is not the evolution that scientists talk about—one species mutating into another. It is the evolution of human consciousness to become its source. It is part of our journey whether we want it or not. Our higher self (divine within) is always trying to pull the lower self (outer self or ego) toward it. We always have this subconscious desire to move up into light. This is the reason why we always try to better ourselves in our outer lives. Should you decide to move into light? I cannot answer that question for you. This is a question that you should contemplate upon to get an answer for yourself. If anybody else answers that question for you, then it is not your answer, but their’s. This urge to move into light comes from within. Something outside of you may trigger that urge. Some life experience that shakes you up so much that you want to know the meaning of this life. Or, you may be bored of all the earthly experiences, since you have gained all the wisdom that you needed to gain from them. Now, you want to explore other facets of your being. Any of these reasons could trigger your outer self to recognize the inner urge to want to move into the inner light of the higher self.

Enlightenment is only the first step

Enlightenment is only the first step which helps you to step out of your emotional and physical prisons. You may consider this the kindergarten in the evolution of human consciousness. There are, I believe, infinite steps to become the infinite source itself. One of the possible next steps, after enlightenment, is the physical ascension by converting the material body into body of light. This will be explored later in another article.

Enlightenment is inevitable

Whether you want it or not, it is on your path. Some may want to graduate to the next step from being in a physical body in this lifetime. Some may not think of it at all and may take few more lifetimes to move to the next step. Either way there is no judgment. It is up to each individual to decide, since the divine love has given the human beings, “Free Will” to choose.

This article series will explore many questions on self-mastery and enlightenment, such as, “Who searches for enlightenment?” “Why is it inevitable?” “What happens to the body?” “What is Free Will?” Don’t miss the next installment—Subscribe to FREE RSS Feed.

17 Responses

  1. Excellent article – I, too, believe that we are already enlightened – it’s a matter of bringing this state into our physical reality. It is possible for everyone – but I do not think most people aspire to enlightenment, actually. I’m not even sure most people strive to be better, I think they mostly try to get by!

    However, when we do decide to step on the path, we will always be shown a way to reach enlightenment. When the student is ready, right?


  2. Andrea,

    You are correct. But, I think that “striving to be better” is a relative term. It depends on the perspective. A person in a Well thinks that it is the entire world. Unless something jolts them out of their present reality, they will not try to change it. But, it is okay, as long as they are okay with their present reality.

    When the student is ready, yes, the teachings appear! 🙂


  3. Pat R says:

    Desika – I like your series on enlightenment. It’s encouraging to know that no matter where you are on the path, enlightenment is inevitable. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

  4. Hi Pat,

    I am glad that this article is helpful.

    All wisdom/knowledge/intelligence comes from the One single source and I am just a conduit.

    Thanks for your appreciation,

    – Desika

  5. Hey Desika,

    Interesting interesting interesting! This article was a great appetizer, I am now very hungry to read more of this amazing series. Stop trying to merge with The Void for a few days, and FEED US will ya :-).

    Looking forward to more…


  6. Hey Anmol,

    Did you mention to me earlier that you were clairvoyant? 🙂 You are so right about the Void (Siva State). For the past several weeks, I have been experiencing this stillness emerging in me that I just want to sit by myself and be with myself. I feel this stillness even when I am interacting with my family and others. This is not laziness mind you, I just feel blissful, if I may use that term to describe this silence and stillness. It is immersing me. That is why, these days I am not writing blog posts too often. I have been writing only when I am compelled to write from within. So, bear with me, I will write more as soon as it pushes itself out. 🙂


  7. Hi Desika, I really enjoy reading your articles. I added you as a friend on Stumble as well, from Behind the Screens stumble experiment. I hope we can help each other. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to email me. =)

  8. Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you very much for your appreciation and for adding me to your friends on SU. I have added you as a friend as well. I hope that SU brings in more traffic for you as well.


  9. Tim says:

    I am on the way to self-mastery myself. To me, you are my own Self ;-).

    I am looking to talk with someone who is totally OK with the idea that they are myself (so I will not get nervous around them). If you feel OK with that, please contact Me :-).

  10. Hi Tim,

    I just sent you a reply to your personal email as well. I am reproducing what I said in that email, for the benefit of my readers here.

    Since you are me and I am you, then where is the room for nervousness. 🙂 Entire manifest and unmanifest comes from the same source and you and I are the same in essence though how that essence expresses itself through personality may differ. So, you need not feel nervous around me.

    My personal realization is this: Everything came out of me, and appears and dissolves in me, and that I choose to interact with my creation through Desika’s form and personality. This is the dream that I created and letting Desika dream it with his eyes open. Does it make sense to you?


  11. Hey Desika,

    I really liked your response to Tim. Very nicely put.


  12. Hey Anmol,



  13. Bev says:

    I am so very happy and thankful I found you ! You are an absolute blessing 🙂

  14. Bev,

    Thank you for your blessings. Knowing that what I am writing here is helpful, is an absolute blessing in itself.


  15. Narayanan says:

    Dear Desika:

    Your narration was wonderful, but I would like to humbly know whether after self-realization, one will be able to live in the family and work as usual as to earlier? Or is it that one has to leave family? In case, if one is not able to work after self-realization at least to meet the ends, how do u think money will come to meet the ends at least?

    Please kindly let me know when you are free,

    Thanks and expecting your kind reply


  16. Dear Narayanan,

    An absolute “yes.” There are many enlightened people working in the corporate world as well, though they are not loud in promoting themselves as such. If you need examples from scripture look no further than Krishna, Rukmini, Rama, Sita, Dasaratha, Janaka, Vasistha, Arundhathi, Viswamithra and so on. After enlightenment one of two things may happen as dictated by your inner guidance: (1) The current work you are doing may change to something else, or (2) The “way” you are doing your current work may change.

    I hope that this helps,


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