A Note of Thanks and Answers to Questions raised in "What India May Have for the Law of Attraction"

I just received a surprise pingback from Akemi Gaines’ blog Gratitude Magic from the article, What India May Have for the Law of Attraction.

In that article, she discusses two of my articles, Self-Mastery and Enlightenment Demystified and Ways to Attract Abundance and Whatever You Want into Your Life, in some detail. I am very grateful to her for her discussion of my articles on her blog. I would like to reciprocate that link love here.

Thank You Note

While discussing my article, she asks the following question:

One question that I can’t help as I read his blog is his emphasis on certain Indian (Sanskrit) words. He seems to believe these are magic words and go so far as to instruct correct pronunciation of them. Is it necessary to master these words to utilize the Law of Attraction? Can we communicate with the Universe, or what he calls brahman, in English and other languages, or do Indian words have special power? It is the vibration that matters, so I think any language, accompanied with clear image and strong feelings, will do.

A careful reading of my article would have answered all her questions. I cite mantrAs (The Indian Sanskrit words) as only one of the means. The subsection, “Expansive thinking through affirmations,” talks about affirmations in any language. It is not only the thought, but also the feelings generated within the body, when thinking about what we want to manifest, are very important. Language used is irrelevant. Feelings have no language.

I give a detailed discussion of the power of thought and feelings in the article, A Surefire Recipe for Successful Manifestation of Your Wishes and Desires.

Again, I would like to thank Akemi Gaines for featuring me in her blog.

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  1. Akemi says:

    I see! Thank you for clarifying that point.
    Happy blogging,

  2. Akemi,

    You are very welcome!