How I Contacted Siddhar Thirumoolar

(See san­skrit translit­er­a­tion scheme)

Many peo­ple wrote in the com­ments as well as in emails that they were look­ing for expe­ri­ences sim­i­lar to what I described in this arti­cle. I am com­pelled to post this update after I read Mr. Rajendrakumar’s unfor­tu­nate per­sonal expe­ri­ence (see com­ments sec­tion) from prac­tic­ing the mantra on this page with­out proper guid­ance. This arti­cle was writ­ten with the inten­tion of shar­ing my expe­ri­ence only, but it was never my inten­tion that it would be taken as a tech­nique (I never gave the steps of using the mantra in this page). I did not write this arti­cle lightly. I delib­er­ated putting this on my site for more than three months and put it up only after inner push. Also, note that this expe­ri­ence was more than cou­ple of years old from the date of pub­li­ca­tion of this arti­cle. My only inten­tion in writ­ing this arti­cle was to express that the Sid­dhars are avail­able on the inner planes if we need help. If you really want the proper tech­nique of chant­ing the mantra, you need to go to http://​www​.SivaYoga​.com/ and get it from them.

One size does not fit all. Not all tech­niques are for every­body. If you really want, try a tech­nique for short peri­ods of time (like, 5 min­utes per day) for about three days. If the tech­nique is not pleas­ant and give you joy, but causes dis­tress, then the tech­nique is not for you.

Please also note that if you are chant­ing mantra or doing a tech­nique with an inten­tion of hav­ing a par­tic­u­lar spir­i­tual expe­ri­ence, then that desire may be com­ing from ego which could cause phys­i­cal and men­tal dis­tress. You need to approach any tech­nique with humil­ity and sur­ren­der to the divine and let the divine give you what­ever expe­ri­ence you need to grow.

Bhak­thi or Sur­ren­der to the Divine is impor­tant. May be your first prac­tice should be just that — Sur­ren­der to your favorite form of the divine. If you need to do a spe­cific tech­nique, you will be guided to it and you will not feel the con­flicts cre­ated by ego at that point. This was the case with me.

Lis­ten to your inner long­ing (this is not the ego’s desire to have an expe­ri­ence and feel good). Just because some­one else is doing it or some­one had some expe­ri­ence and you want to repro­duce that expe­ri­ence, is the wrong approach. Hav­ing spir­i­tual expe­ri­ences is not the goal. Expe­ri­ences occur on their own accord depend­ing on what each per­son needs to learn and gain wis­dom. You can derive inspi­ra­tion from oth­ers expe­ri­ences, but not try to repli­cate them.

Develop Self-love and Self-acceptance. When you develop these two, things will appear to you as needed for your evo­lu­tion and you will not face any issues with your prac­tice. With Self-love and Self-acceptance, you will also gain the wis­dom of love and accep­tance for others.

Be gen­tle with your­self. Treat your body/mind tem­ple as you would treat a tem­ple you visit — with love and devo­tion. If you are feel­ing uncom­fort­able and sick, then body is telling you to just stop. No guilt needed. Just stop.

In Feb­ru­ary 2005, I took ini­ti­a­tion into Level-1 of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga and in April 2005, into Level-2. In Level-2, we were given a list of names of sid­dhas (mean­ing, “per­fected beings”) and deities—all are infi­nite intelligences—and we were told the qual­i­ties of each intel­li­gence. We were asked to choose based on what res­onated with us and what qual­i­ties we wanted to invoke within our­selves, at that time. We got ini­ti­ated into one mantra of our choice from that list. When they described the list, one of the descrip­tions was about sid­dhar tiru­mU­lar (from now on I will use the more pop­u­lar spelling and form, “Thiru­moolar”). How­ever, I did not take that mantra at that time, instead I got attracted to the mantra of Lord Muruga (also known as, skanda, kAr­tikEya, kumara, sanat kumara and sub­ra­manya). He is also known as, “The Lord of Siddhas.”

Muruga—The Lord of Siddhas

Mahavatar Kriya Babaji Nagraj

Siddhar Thirumoolar

Few months passed. Around early June 2005, I hap­pened to be at my friend’s (he is also my music teacher) place, as he was giv­ing a lecture-demonstration on Ayurvedic cook­ing. (yummy!) When we were all eat­ing, he started talk­ing to some­body and I hap­pened to be nearby. I over­heard him talk about how he got a mes­sage from Thiru­moolar to do an inter­net search for a cer­tain, “51 syl­la­ble Siva mantra,” so he can prac­tice and teach to his music stu­dents. He had not started to teach that mantra, yet. This time, I strangely got attracted to the name “Sid­dhar Thiru­moolar.” But, I did not ask about it. I felt, if I needed it, I would surely get it some­how. After that I for­got about it completely.

A cou­ple of days later, I started to get this urge to find this mantra. I thought that I was just mak­ing it up. So, I ignored it. I kept get­ting this thought con­stantly. One week passed. I was just see­ing, if that was just a ran­dom thought and would pass. But, it was not, and I could not resist it any longer. So, I googled, the terms, “51 syl­la­ble Siva mantra Thiru­moolar.” The first site that popped up was, Thirumoolar’s Siva Yoga site. Here, I found the fol­low­ing mantra (also avail­able in Tiru­mandi­ram (Vol 2, Verse 946)):

Si va ya na ma
ya na va Si ma
ma va ya na Si
Si ya na ma va
va Si ma ya na

For fur­ther details on this mantra and Siva yoga, visit the site. I prac­ticed this mantra for about five min­utes every­day, with the intent of con­tact­ing Sid­dhar Thiru­moolar. Barely a week had passed. Then, on July 10, 2005, I had the fol­low­ing vision. I am quot­ing my jour­nal entry below, with a few gram­mat­i­cal and spelling corrections.

Con­tact with Sid­dhar Thiru­moolar (July 10, 2005)

Early this morn­ing, I had a pro­found awak­en­ing from sleep. I didn’t know, if I was dream­ing or awake. I saw red lasers emit­ting from my third eye. At the other end of the rays, there was a fig­ure the half the size of my lit­tle fin­ger. The fig­ure was burn­ing red sur­rounded by intense flames the color of the sun. I couldn’t make out who that was.

The fig­ure said, “Your third eye is open and I want to enter.”

My head was already feel­ing burn­ing hot from the flames from the figure.

I asked, “Who are you? Why should I let you in?”

Then, the fig­ure said, “I am Thiru­moolar and I want to help you.”

To that I said, “I sur­ren­der. Please help me.”

At that moment I saw my fore­head split open. For a brief period I saw a bearded man in that open­ing. My head became unbear­ably hot. But, I was not afraid at all.

Then, the scene changed. I saw myself climb­ing the stairs in our home. My wife was com­ing down.

She asked, “Why are you like that?”

I replied, “Thiru­moolar entered me. I am going to the pooja (med­i­ta­tion) room. I will talk to you after that.”

Then, the scene changed again. I found myself in Tiruchanoor (my native place in India). My father, my uncle and sev­eral other elders were sit­ting in a cir­cle with piles of papers in front of them.

I asked, “What is all this?”

My father answered, “We are trans­lat­ing scrip­tures in Tamil to English.”

I nod­ded.

I was about leave and my father asked, “I for­got your guru’s name. What is it?”

I smiled and said, “Thiru­moolar.” I left the room.

The vision ended there and no more after that.

In the morn­ing, I was con­tem­plat­ing, if Kriya Babaji arranged for me to meet Sid­dhar Thiru­moolar. A voice arose in me that said, “Obey Thiru­moolar. He is also your guru.” I said to myself, “Okay.” The con­tem­pla­tion ended there.

Sid­dhar Thiru­moolar is full of divine love and com­pas­sion. He is fiery in nature, like the bril­liant sun, burn­ing away the dark­ness of igno­rance in me.

In few days after I got this vision, I received a mes­sage to get ini­ti­ated into Siva yoga offered from the web­site men­tioned above. As of writ­ing this arti­cle, I have been ini­ti­ated into and prac­tic­ing Step-4.

I hope this arti­cle serves as an inspi­ra­tion to any of you who are inter­ested in con­tact­ing the great Sid­dhar Thiru­moolar to ask for help on your path to self-mastery, enlight­en­ment and ascen­sion. Great ascended mas­ters like him are avail­able all around us to guide us in our quest for Truth.

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136 thoughts on “How I Contacted Siddhar Thirumoolar

  1. dear guruji,

    i have read your arti­cles and they are great beyond words.
    really spir­i­tual inter­ested per­sons like me it is most useful

    i am expect­ing more such arti­cles in future also


  2. Sim­ply Superb,

    I am very lucky and blessed to read this arti­cle and expe­ri­ences, I Thank each and every one of you for shar­ing your knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence. Eyes full of tears when I read this.
    I thank my wife for refer­ring this page.

    Keep shar­ing your experices. Thanks, Nanri

    OM Na ma Si va ya ! Si va ya na ma

  3. U just dreamt a incep­tion… Third eye is not the one which you think it is. Don’t mis­guide peo­ple say­ing “My third eye split open.….….…red laser.….….… ” You will pay for it.…

  4. Sharath,

    Incep­tion is a very good movie. I enjoyed it and liked the “open end­ing” very much. :-)

    Sorry that you are hav­ing such bad days, that you had to come here, vent your frus­tra­tions and threaten me. I hope that helped you to have some peace of mind.

    Your crit­i­cism of me “misguide“ing peo­ple is unfounded, as I am NOT a guide to any­body. Each to his own. If you don’t like, what I write in my blog and you don’t res­onate with it, move on to some­thing else you like. Nobody is forc­ing you to read this blog or any other.

    Peace and light to you.


  5. Dear Sharath — Well done. really i appre­ci­ate your inter­est for the society

    Dear Desika —

    your reply to Sharath is Ridicu­lous and proves that you are not spir­i­tual. Your blog is guid­ing peo­ple to mad­ness. Learn­ing and prac­tic­ing med­i­ta­tion through web site or books will def­i­nitely lead to con­fu­sion and psy­cho­log­i­cal dis­or­ders.
    please try to find out how many have already gone mad because of your blog writ­ings and you will def­i­nitely stop this blog after know­ing that.
    with good will

  6. Hi Soorya:

    Again, I have not forced any­body to fol­low any­thing I say here. I never claimed to be an expert or guru and never claimed any­thing here to be a teach­ing. All I say in my blog is only my per­sonal expe­ri­ence through my own prac­tices. Fol­low your heart and never oth­ers. I have not judged you or Sharath or any­body else. You are judg­ing me, nonethe­less. These writ­ings are com­ing out of my own expe­ri­ence and heart. If you want to read, fine. If you want to ignore, fine. Does not mat­ter to me. Noth­ing given here is a teach­ing or any­thing like that. I don’t believe in one size fits all approach. Every­body is unique and they need to find their own path. I found mine and I stick with it. Even if every­body stops read­ing this blog, it is fine with me. I only fol­low my heart. Fol­low yours and don’t waste your pre­cious time in attack­ing others.

    What­ever your agenda or moti­va­tion is behind your attack, may the peace and light be with you.



  7. Hi again Soorya:

    I really need to thank you for your com­ment. The answer that came out of me in reply to your com­ment made me real­ize that I was attached to this blog at some level and that answer helped me dis­solve that resid­ual attachment.

    Thank you.

    Peace and Light,


  8. Soorya: thanks for enlight­en­ing him, in what is about to get him.

    Desika: I am not attack­ing even in a least sense. and you think I have no job? or What? beware my brother, karma what we get by being pre­pos­ter­ous will never leave us until we repent on it sin­cerely.
    May be you can take my words in a good sense. If you really believe in deeds.

    Sid­dham is not a sim­ple thing, that we can put in words to make peo­ple understand.…even sid­dhas failed to deliver what they know. (VVV) and we ended up wor­ship­ing stones…

    natta kallai theivam endru naalu push­paam saa­triye, sootri vandhu mununuven­dru sol­lum mand­hi­ram ethada??? natta kalum pesumoo?? naathan ulirukayil. Suta satti sat­u­vam kari soovai ariyumo??”- Sithar Sivavaakiyar

    even if u had ur expe­ri­ence, is not that sim­ple to put it in words. Think about it my brother.

    Refer­ing to your blog, I accept its inter­est­ing to read dif­fer­ent and a fly­ing expe­ri­ence. but its not about inter­est­ing people.

    • yes…rock made idols are only for concentration…the centre…the point…may be they did not want it to expose to all..because all were so rest­less and it was dif­fi­cult to tackle them..they could not under­stand what is this moolam before them..whatever when started it was not for self­ish pur­pose was done to appre­ci­ate things about what they had expe­ri­enced but later on it was made into some other ..but its not easy for ordi­nary human­be­ings to think about meditation..those who are hav­ing the cells make them under­stand what they are…because we had to cross so many birth before…what we did with purity in one of our birth instill us to do it we are strong enough we catch that point and we are weak we dis­tract ourselves…simple matter…ok …now..may i try to under­stand what you have written…“chutta chatti chathu­vam kari ariyumo?…my inter­pre­ta­tion is “chutta chatti” means the “dead body”…“chattuvam” is water (charu, eechan), kari means fire..i may be wrong but what i realise is that one human­body that glows with “Chivan kanal” (heat of sun) would under­stand what is what..which one is water and which one is fire…but the body that does not have this “chivakanal” can never under­stand the great truth Chivan…you see…great saints had writ­ten every­thing with “sootchumam”…hidden meaning…because they delib­er­ately want us to reach them…when we under­stand this sootchu­mam they come to the con­clu­sion that we are the one who can be oper­ated because we lis­ten to so many sto­ries and so many things before us…we are blind …we are remain­ing here as ordi­nary humanbeings…but when we catch the mean­ing we learn to reach that place full of power…you observe tem­ples unfor­tu­nately you dont these days have ele­phant before you in tem­ples if you ever see then try to con­nect your­self with that divine science…then reach moolam and navagrahams.…if you ever then it will force you to know more.…still there are so many hid­den mean­ings frozen…i give impor­tance to hard labour of peo­ple and i search for heart full of purity.

  9. Hi Sharath,

    Thank you. It was very hard for me to put my inner expe­ri­ence in words and still may not have con­veyed it well. That seems to be the rea­son why Soorya, you and pos­si­bly some oth­ers have com­pletely mis­un­der­stood my inten­tions. As I wrote in the update, my inten­tion was never to mis­lead any­body or to sug­gest using this arti­cle as a tech­nique to get some expe­ri­ence. It was only to say that Sid­dhars like Thiru­moolar are there to help us when we under­stand their teach­ings in proper light. That’s all.

    When great sid­dhars have failed in that expres­sion, as you put it, how can I pre­sume to have suc­ceeded? That would be arro­gant of me. And, you are right that mis­un­der­stand­ing leads to ill-formed rit­u­als. I never meant that any­body should blindly wor­ship Thiru­moolar or other sid­dhars (and if they do so blindly, then that is their level of under­stand­ing and I can­not judge them). In my inner com­mu­ni­ca­tion with him, he specif­i­cally instructed me to avoid “blind” idol wor­ship of him, other sid­dhars and deities. When there is divine essence in every­thing and every­where — even the stones, then what is wor­ship? Who is wor­ship­ping whom? Prob­lems occur when we don’t see the divine within our­selves and oth­ers, and think that the divine is only in some idol or other sages we hold in high esteem. That is utter dual­ity and not one­ness that Thiru­moolar taught me.

    I am not wor­ried about or afraid of karma, as my inten­tions were and are pure. I have never writ­ten any­thing on this site that was not true for me.

    I have said every­thing I have to say on this topic and I won’t respond to sim­i­lar com­ments any­more, since peo­ple under­stand oth­ers only through their own fil­ters and they are solely respon­si­ble for those filters.

    Thank you for your con­cern for me.


  10. Dear Desika

    I wrote to you with some con­cern and with no inten­sion of attack­ing you.
    Apol­o­gize if it had cre­ated an upset in you.

    I too wish you ‘may the peace and light be with you“
    Om Namasivaya



  11. Hi Soorya,

    Your com­ment elicited a response from within that was expressed above, that’s all. There is no upset. In all my arti­cles, I only try to reit­er­ate inde­pen­dent mind­ed­ness and tread­ing one’s own path with­out copy­ing any­one else’s but maybe only deriv­ing inspi­ra­tion. One has to find the truth by one’s own efforts and I only express my truth. Point is that I can­not make every­body happy, it is impos­si­ble; no mat­ter what I try to live my truth, and oth­ers need to live theirs. That’s what I was try­ing to say above.

    To me there is no dif­fer­ence between spir­i­tu­al­ity and mate­ri­al­ity, since mat­ter is con­densed spirit — there is divin­ity in every­thing and every­where. One only needs to see. I am grate­ful for your concern.


  12. Veetil yogi­ram­suratku­mar photo muun annaya vil­laku etru­vathu sar­riya, please tell the suggestion.

    Anan­thi Ganesan

  13. Sir

    can this mantra be chanted by grihastaas?

    is there a fees for initiation?

    is it pos­si­ble to get ini­ti­a­tion in Chen­nai? the web­site does­not have any address. only a con­tact email.

    tnx in advance

  14. @Ananthi: I am not good at read­ing Tamil, espe­cially the translit­er­ated ver­sion. So, I don’t under­stand what you meant in your comment.

    @Kandhan: Yes, it can be chanted by any­one includ­ing gri­has­tas. You need to go the Siva Yoga web­site for details. There is not fees for the ini­ti­a­tions into the tech­niques. Siva Yoga Sat­sangs hap­pen in Chen­nai, India, and you should be able to get all infor­ma­tion from the Siva Yoga website–just send them an email with your questions.


  15. Anan­thi : Yogi ram­surat kumar is great yogi and pray­ing him will give you only good things and goodwill.It’s the teach­ings we shld fol­low rather than just light­ing him.

    Dear Desika ,
    I am really happy to hear the divine things. But you should know tamil bet­ter to under­stand thiru­moolar more. He is Mahaa­vatar babaji’s Guru ‚(Thiru­moolar -> Bogar ->Kalin­ganathar ->Babaji )Guruji to all these .They belong to the famous 18 sid­dhars ‚where you can see them in every sivan tem­ple in tamil­nadu .Thiru­moolar gave thiru­man­thi­ram (has 3000 songs) which speaks about life,soul,body,athma .He came to meet agasthya and learnt tamil and wrote all the great things and thiru­man­thi­ram is already trans­lated in eng­lish world­wide .But whats the rea­son you are say­ing to trans­late in english.Please be clear to state your ideas. God is in the state of no mind.Your travel should be from mind to no mind stage and thats what thiru­moolar had said all along his life , a great saint who has lived for more than 3000 years. Osho will help you under­stand more about the saints but dont stick to any preach­ings expect shivam ‚the one and only god of eternal

    • yes i agree travel from mind to no mind means here “the silence” thats what i understand…because once you attain or observe the holy fire in you would never speak out…because you are enjoy­ing each and every moment of that vision.

  16. Anbe Sivam

    Its the spir­i­tual life every human needs to live.Accept God and pro­ceed with all trust and Confidence.when u believe your­self noth­ing is required.See god in each and every part of life.Nothing to argue and noth­ing to worry.We take noth­ing and bring noth­ing except bless­ing of God by the way of our life.All saints and Yogi are a great gift for us.Nothing wrong in prac­tic­ing or try­ing out from per­son who says he has expe­ri­enced some good vibrations.We humans are in a sit­u­a­tion that , even if god comes and ask us to to do med­i­ta­tion or prayers we will never do.Instead if a actor says we will accept.There are few souls like desika who shares their expe­ri­ence .As he says if u wish do it , else leave it.There is no com­pul­sion in this world.Live a life which u like.When we point on oth­ers there are rest 4 fig­ures point­ing us.

    Love is god…

    Seek god through love …

    Anbe Sivam


    • karma of peo­ple is the only rea­son for every­thing from top to bottom..anyone here want to get sal­va­tion from this earthly life if he or she says yes then that would mean they had seen get mok­sha one should learn how to thank that holy fire in front of us stand­ing majes­ti­cally with bright rays…he is not in tem­ples, mosques or churches…all these places are for meditation..what they have made its not the mat­ter for debate…leave them all with their karma..its upto them to make them­selves to go on right path or wrong path…what can any mind do to reform them all…“Akamkaaram” the proudi­ness is also a karma that would lead every­one to a path one day…i heard vis­it­ing tem­ples or holy shrine is like going to LKG…we have to strive hard to excel to reach the place full of spirutualism.

  17. Dear, Bandhu pranams just now gone through your arti­cle, which made us (friends) spell­bound, we would like to know more of your expe­ri­ence with THIRUMOOLAR and KRIYA BABAJ., hope you can share this with us thtough the mail id., and we will be pleased if you can leave your address., so that we can come and meet you in person.,

  18. Sid­dhar say “ulagam ellam kandu ariya oru karru poru­lai kan­den ” any­body here can pro­vide the expla­na­tion on this please ????? .If not under­stand what i say please ignore this or if you have same under­stand­ing with what i say than reply me through email provided.

    • i also watched this “karru porul” espe­cially when i close my eyes…Poet sub­ra­manya bharathiyaar also wrote that “kaakai sir­aginile nan­tha laala..unthan kariya niram thon­truthada nan­tha laala”…the actual mean­ing is the “glow­ing sun”..i won­der why could not any­one say it directly…what is the pur­pose of hid­ing any­thing? may be he did not want to tell it for some pur­pose may be self­ish motives..i believe..but truth is truth…and we all human­be­ings are full of sym­pa­thy for all when we see injus­tice and atroc­ity we make our­selves angry that too i think the holy fire is only oper­at­ing indirectly…when i see this “karru porul” it actu­ally stay for some time but with halo…brightness around..does that mean out­side is still glow­ing inside is burnt out i mean the coal the exhausted one …because it was glow­ing for so many thou­sands of years pur­pose­fully to serve us all and he is full of kind­ness but at the same time observ­ing our karma too…thats its duty…it is doing its job…can you tell me who had set up this “moolam” sun and nine plan­ets ? so beau­ti­fully to oper­ate our earth? As long as this “dear Chivan” is glow­ing our earth is also revolv­ing ..u see the con­nec­tion between both ..its amaz­ing! the mag­netic connection…we are also part of this arrangement…holding pan­chapootham inside…

    • Stephen: This was a very per­sonal expe­ri­ence for me, so there was a “know­ing.” Note that to have a “belief” you don’t need per­sonal expe­ri­ence, just hearsay is enough. If I didn’t have this expe­ri­ence, I’d would be skep­ti­cal as well. How­ever, yoga/tantra is expe­ri­en­tial sci­ence and doesn’t require you to blindly believe in any­thing. It actu­ally encour­ages healthy skep­ti­cism, open mind­ed­ness, exper­i­men­ta­tion and non-attachment to expe­ri­ence. It only expects your will­ing­ness to be a sci­en­tist in your own field of aware­ness (body/mind/spirit). Guru is the form­less spirit, always within you, and can man­i­fest in any­way depend­ing on our level of readi­ness. That’s what this expe­ri­ence was for me. I hope that this helps.


  19. if you are really a sithar. pls tell me, why my job was fre­quently changing.

    I really respect sithars. hope they will help me

  20. what i have gath­ered through intu­ition is that all the great human­be­ings gone away from this world are still here only form­less indeed but can oper­ate any­one any­time as they wish..i had the expe­ri­ence too.. i am glad that you had the vision great sage Thiru­moolar because every­thing sprouted from this holy land Tamilnadu…there are still so many sin­ners doing sin here that is not good for them…they are actu­ally mak­ing the almighty to write the “karma” for them..i believe..i had vision of the very ancient vision of chivan (shiva) sur­pris­ingly the vision was through water not through fire…because chivan means fire but eechan means water…but he proved to me that he is both united that is fire and water…why would i think about him when the water was splashed on the water..the per­fect figure..i under­stand now that Chivan is Chit­than the GREAT HOLY FIRE

    • Eechan — Eesan. Eevathal Eesan (Giver). It also relates to Water as it comes down to Give us. But actu­all ‘San/Chan’ does­not relate to water in agarathi. Aaaru­mugam has lot of mean­ings. Five faces of SiVa denotes 5 sides of our brain. But they did­not cover spinal cord. So the Sid­dhars gave another vision of GOD MuRu­Gan (Ru denotes big Ra in tamil) with sixth side (Spine). MuRugu means twisted. Spine has three nerve paths (ida naadi, vala naadi, chuzhimu­nai naadi) in twisted fash­ion. Also Murugu (ru denotes small ra in tamil) means beau­ti­ful. Beauty actu­ally comes from Spine (as it is the deliv­erer of ENERGY within the body from Moolad­haram to rest all parts). Not only thies Shan­mugam is a phys­i­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tion of organs that one need to now dur­ing YOGIC travel. Rama­linga Adi­galar (Val­lalar) tells there are 4 phys­i­cal organs with 6 petals. One of then is our Thirid eye. Third Eye is the actual con­nec­tion of our Pineal Gland inside our brain to our cen­ter four head. That is why Kac­chippa Sivachariar men­tioned that Mur­guga Born out of Siva’s third eye flame. (Infact Muruga is birth/death less). But it just rep­re­sents the Yog­i­cal mean­ing. When you see the Orig­i­nal San­skrit Skand­ha­pu­ran, the author nar­rates that Skandha born out of Siva’s Sperm and Sakthi’s egg. Ind­hira car­ried the mix­ture and handed over to 6 Ladies. This story is a real absurd. It is ONLY GOD who sent Kac­chi­appa Sivachariar to rec­tify the story in tamil with Yog­i­cal mean­ing.
      But your expe­ri­ence of vibra­tion in Water should be true to your soul’s karma, may it be water or fire or other 3 ele­ments. It is the LOVE of GOD which picks you up in what ever mode and what ever fash­ion.
      Unfor­tu­nately, other souls are still igno­rant to feel your experience.

  21. i am sorry the water was splashed on the wall to show me the fig­ure “kanakachapai”…when i write “eechan” means water u agree? because “chan” here is water…is it not..thats why also say “chanmukan”…who is chan­mukan? dont u realise that he is the SUN..who is send­ing us “maari”…the rain or water…the ocean..if some­one say that “chan­mukan” was once a great sid­dhar …then i want to tell that who is great sid­dhar than the great holy fire SUN? dont you know that “chithai” in tamil is fire…this is ancient or old tamil name so “chit­tar” means fire…and those who found or realised this fire in them are called “chit­tar” on earth…“CHIVANKANAL”…i have not attained this kanal in me so far but hope to get it some­day but some say that after receiv­ing or under­stand­ing this kind of fire you would never like to die..keep on stay­ing on earth…i hate this ..because i dont want to be on this earth with humans…i found them always doing this and that to gain for their own self­ish com­fort life…i am con­fused whether i should con­tinue to get this “kanal” on earth…i want to reach the sky and be there…the iso­lated region where you are the mas­ter of your mind and there would be no poi­so­nous minds nearby to dis­tract you or dis­turb you…dont you agree? i would request my favorite sage may be one another i may attach with me there are so many still bless­ing to offer me that “kanal” and send me to divine sky full of purity…no clash nothing…only i can enjoy the serene atmos­phere with holy fire and rain…each par­ti­cle would tell me they are also happy being there…

  22. Hi Desika,
    I under­stand your feel­ings and your thoughts to share your expe­ri­ence with oth­ers.
    There are 2 songs from Kand­har Anub­hoothi
    “Sev­vaan uruvil thi­gal vela­van andru
    Ovvaad­had­hena unarviththadhu thaan..

    “Thannan­thani nin­dradhu thaan ariya
    Innum oru­varku isaivip­pathuvo..“
    Both songs say that what ever we expe­ri­ence can not be explained to oth­ers. As oth­ers may get a dif­fer­ent experience..GOD is one but he appears in difer­ent forms and names accross the geog­ra­phy. Peo­ple in the west does­not know who is Siva.
    Similarly…you got the guru Thiru­moolar. But other peo­ple will get dif­fer­ent guru.. it all depends on our karma..
    But I really appreciate/obey your LOVE to share it with oth­ers for moti­vat­ing. You met Thiru­moolar because of your LOVE (more than yogic prac­tice). He is the one who said ‘Anbu­Si­vam iran­den­bar ariv­i­laar..’.
    I just wanted to cor­rect one thing here..51 syl­la­ble man­thra„ The man­thra you said is just 25 + Om (Na Ma Si Va Ya… com­bi­na­tions). The 51 syl­la­ble pointed by Thiru­moolar is the num­ber of tamil let­ters in older days (before tholkap­piar). The song is “Odhum ezhuthodu uyir kalai mooovaindhu
    Aadhi exhuthavai aim­bat­hodu ondrenbar.…”

  23. I wanted to write a sep­a­rate Blog for Sivan. Sivan should not be con­sid­ered as Siddha..But Sivan is the TARGET for all Sid­dhas. In tamil, we call GOD as iraivan, kadavul. In san­skrit we call him as Bha­ga­van. They are all gen­eral words to refer GOD. But if you analyse the mean­ing, you will find that it will denote SiVa.
    iRaivan — in tamil iRuththa­p­at­ta­van. iRuthu — tighten. iRaivan means a per­son who has a sub­stance by tight­en­ing it. GOD is the pro­moter of Energy and we are just trans­fer­ing it. So GOD has all ENERGY within him­self and GOD is the Source of ENERGY. That is why Sid­dhas (tamil) termed him as iRaivan to denote that GOD has ENERGY(abundant) with him always in tight­ened form and releases it when ever nec­es­sary. They gave female fig­ure for this ENERGY and named as Satthi in Tamil (Sak­thi in san­skrit)
    KadaVul — GOD is omnipresent he resides apart from us and also within us. Kadan­thum Ullum irup­pa­van, so KadaVul.
    Bha­ga­van — San­skrit does not have a root word for Bha­ga­van. But the root is present in ‘Paga­van’ of Tamil. You can see First Thirukkural ‘Aadhi Paga­van’. Only Mate­ri­als have begin­ing and End, not the GOD or Soul. So all these mate­r­ial world (includ­ing our mate­r­ial body) has beg­n­ing (Aadhi) and End (and­ham). All mat­ters are gen­er­ated out of ENERGY. So Aadhi denotes ENERGY as well. But ENERGY source is GOD. So Sid­dhas depicted GOD&ENERGY togather in the form of Ard­hanaarisavara (Maad­hor kooran, umai pan­gan, man­gai paa­gan). This means lit­er­ally ENERGY is half of GOD and GOD’s half is ENERGY. that is why Thiru­val­lu­var used the term ‘Aadhi Paga­van’ (half of ENERGY)
    SiVan — to explan this term we need to under­stand what is Na Ma Si Va Ya
    Na — Nadappu / Action (Thiru­moolar says Thi­rod­hana sak­thi which is respon­si­ble for doing actions)
    Ma — MaRaippu/ignorance (By igno­rance we are attracted towards the mate­r­ial world instead of the cre­ator GOD)
    Si — Sir­appu / Spe­cial . This is the best of BEST, GOD. It is the SOURCE of every­thing. Thiru­moolar denotes it as SiVa itself
    Va — Varappu/Vanappu/that which comes from GOD. GOD gives us ENERGY (Sak­thi). In oth­er­words that which comes (varuthal) from GOD is ENERGY. But when you analyse it, you will find the beauty of how the Energy is trans­formed when it reaches you (from MACRO to MICRO level). This trans­for­ma­tion Beauty is Vanappu.
    Ya — Yaappu/Body (Our Soul is cov­ered by a Body called Yaakai in tamil)

    We have five dif­fer­ent lev­els for this Aind­hezhuthu (Pan­chak­shara)
    Na Ma Si Va Ya — Level of Worldy attached Souls
    Si Va Ya Na Ma — Level of Godly attached Souls with some attach­ments to Wold
    Si Va Ya Si Va — Level of Pure Souls attached only to GOD. Exam­ple are the Sid­dhars who still live in mate­r­ial body
    Si Va — Level of Souls attached to GOD with­out a Body, But expe­ri­ences GOD via ENERGY (Va)
    Si — Merged/Attached with GOD only (but never become GOD).

    From this Ainthezhuthu, our sid­dhars framed the word SiVa. Si — Source of ENERGY (light), Va — ENERGY (Arul,Satthi,Ambigai.Gnanam)

    So all terms that used to denote GOD always denote SiVa.

    Please read ‘Sivagnana Bod­ham’ under your GURU’s guid­ance to under­stand the prop­er­ties of GOD

  24. Dear All,

    I read thro the argu­ments and counter argu­ments, In this world no one is per­fect, all seek divine help when in need, Where is god, He is within us
    our Inner con­scious is the god, I also wish to nar­rate a inci­dent which happ­ned to me may be 7 or 8 years ago, I was depressed and was not in my own sense, due to some fam­ily issues, One day I was sit­ting and think­ing and all of a sud­den I intense light small as a nee­dle point so bright entered into me and It ener­gized me I felt so happy and I wanted to dance sing, jump , scream with joy. It was a expe­ri­ence that you could expe­ri­ence and not explain. . after few months once I received such a light not so bright but it still went thro me.

    I felt that as I did not have for­mal train­ing in yoga or med­i­ta­tion I was not able to retain the light within me, per­haps If I did It would be ????
    can some one explain what this and why.

    I totally sur­ren­der myself to Lord Muruga and he guides me always, Once I was hunt­ing for a guru and he told me that I should not look for any and that he would come as guru to me at the right time, I still wait for that time,

    Mir­a­cles have hap­pened in my life


    • Bala, ‘Patharaai pani­vaar­gal ellarkkum adiyen’. I bow to Muru­gan Adi­yar (You). Me too a Muru­gan Adi­yar (Aaru­muga Sivan adi­mai). You got because of your good deeds in the pre­vi­ous births. ‘Pal­loozhi Kaazham Payin­dru aranai Archikka Nal­loozh siridhe nagum’. The sor­rows in your life were just ‘pass­ing by re-actions’ of your ‘Actions’. Pam­ban Swami­gal waited for a word from Muru­gan. You too are waiting…definitely good things to expect in future. Only He knows every­thing..
      You are cor­rect. Spir­i­tual expe­ri­ences are per­sonal. Aruna­giri­nathar said the same in Kand­har Anub­hoothi ‘Thannan­thani nin­dradhu thaan ariya, innum oru­varkku isaivip­pad­huvo…’. The exter­nal light you saw is for you to inter­pret or iden­tify the divin­ity.
      But still, accord­ing to Sivagnana Bod­ham, the GOD (his sith­satthi) trav­ells along with the UYIR in our SPINE (Suzhimuai Naadi) and imparts knowl­edge every time/moment. This inter­nal light (GOD) is termed as MURUGAN (Kumaran — Kum + Aran, Kuzhan­thai Aran). The exter­nal Light which runs this uni­verse is SiVan (Si — Source of Energy/Light, Va — Energy which comes from Source Si)..Yet, both are same. This all are the expla­na­tions found accross Thirukkural, Thiru­vasagam, The­vaaram, Thirup­pu­gal, Kand­har Anu­boothi.…. None of them say their expe­ri­ences. Expe­ri­ences are personal

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